Insider NJ’s Power Party during the League of Municipalities Conference


If interested in partnering with Insider NJ on the 2019 Insider 100: Power Experience Package, contact


The Insider 100: Power Standard PDF Publication – The regular PDF version for direct online download (see last year’s here), compiled by Insider NJ’s Max Pizarro, featuring the 100 top political players in the state (non-elected) along with several sublists and additional features.

The Insider 100: Power Interactive – The interactive version will be hyperlinked to hundreds of articles, websites, and more – connecting it to the very political power structure it encapsulates.  For advertisers, your ad can be hyperlinked, as well – or you can choose to use a video  (see last year’s here)

The Insider 100: Power Print Edition – Limited edition print version for advertisers

The Insider NJ Power Party at the League – Insider NJ is hosting our Power Party (Part II) during the League of Municipalities (the first night) and our combination package advertisers will once again join us as co-hosts (read about previous years’ party here, here, and here – in 2017,  over 500 people attended, and last year, over 600)

The Insider 2019 Retrospective – Insider NJ takes a look back at 2019 and all the events and political happenings, to be released in mid-December (see last year’s here)

The Insider 2020 Advance – Insider NJ takes an in-depth look in advance of 2020, to be released in December (see last year’s here)


The Insider NJ Power Experience Package options are:


FULL POWER EXPERIENCE PACKAGE: $4,000 – Full Page Ads in the Insider 100: Power (standard, interactive, and print versions), 2018 Retro, 2019 Advance, and co-host status of Insider NJ Power Party + Full Page Ad in the Insider Out 100: LGBT List (ad artwork due by 10/18)


HALF PAGE PACKAGE: $3,000 – Half Page Ads in all three publications + plus co-host status of the Power Party + Half Page Ad in the Insider Out 100: LGBT Power List (artwork due by 10/18)


Full Page In Any Publication: $2,500

Half Page in Any Publication: Power: $1,500


Thanks again for your support, readership, and partnership over the past year, and since we launched in 2017.  We continue to grow (in fact, as of September we’ve already surpassed last year’s traffic), with the central aim of arming you with essential political intelligence each and every day – with deep dives into the real-time world of Jersey politics, contextualized articles and perspective pieces meant to inform and engage our audience, and straightforward first-hand information directly from the influencer organizations around the state.  You’re a critical part of that audience, and your support and readership means a lot, and we don’t take it for granted.


The deadline to confirm is October 31st and the deadline for ad artwork is November 8th (for the power list) – reach out to to purchase a package or learn more.


Download the 2018 Insider 100: Power publication by going here.

The 2018 Insider 100: Power


Download Insider NJ’s 2018 Retrospective publication here.

Insider NJ's 2018 Retrospective


Download Insider NJ’s 2019 Advance publication here.

Insider NJ's 2019 Advance


Insider NJ's Power Party At The League
Insider NJ’s Power Party At The League
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