Insider NJ’s Power Party during the League of Municipalities Conference


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As you know, 2020 has presented our state and country with challenges that have shaken up society unseen for generations.  As we are living through this historic period, Insider NJ has been consistently delivering information, data, and narratives that shape our state as a trusted source for our readers.  With so much critical information being released minute-by-minute from a variety of sources, Insider has been proud to serve as a nexus for those who need to know.  We have also continued to expand both our site and our audience, including:

  • We created two real-time information update centers to keep track of COVID-19 developments and news, and county data
  • We launched our iLine feature
  • Our popular and comprehensive Morning Intelligence Briefing daily email has surpassed 11,500 subscribers as of mid-July
  • We’ve consistently grown over the past three years, and experienced exponential growth over the past three months: in the first six months of 2020 alone, we’ve already surpassed 2019’s total traffic by 60% in users (over 1M) and 12% in pageviews (over 750,000).
  • We’ve kept our content free and accessible, and will continue to keep it that way

Our complete 2020 package will include the following publications (2019’s publications, which received over 45,000 downloads, can be viewed here for reference):


  • COVID-19: New Jersey Resiliency (beginning of August) – A concentration of Insider NJ stories chronicling and analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on our people and our politics, and the resilience of New Jersey in crisis. *This publication is included in the package options, and won’t be sold separately*  Ad deadline: August 7th


  • The Insider 100: Millennials (late August) –  This ever-popular publication will highlight the younger generation of New Jersey politicos, some of whom have emerged onto the political scene over the past year, and who have had an impact on their peers as leaders around the state.   Ad deadline: August 20th


  • The Insider 100: Policymakers (mid-September) –  Our 4th edition of this publication will highlight the key policy movers who have shaped the discussions and the direction of the state from a policy perspective – as the state faces COVID-19 and an unprecedented fiscal crisis, this publication will be more topical than ever before. Ad deadline: TBD


  • The Insider 100: LGBTQ (mid-October) – Compiled by the incomparable Jay Lassiter, this popular publication will highlight those LGBTQ individuals who have made an impact over the past year. Ad deadline: TBD


  • The Insider 100: Power Standard PDF Publication (mid-November) –  The standard PDF version compiled by Insider NJ’s Editor Max Pizarro, featuring the 100 top political players in the state (non-elected) along with sub-lists and additional features compiled by our reporting team and contributors. Ad deadline: TBD


  • The Insider 100: Power, Print Edition – Limited edition print version for advertisers


  • The Insider 2020 Retrospective (mid-late December) – Insider NJ takes a look back at 2020 and all the events and political happenings (there’s no shortage this year!) Ad deadline: TBD


  • The Insider 2021 Advance (early January) – Insider NJ takes an in-depth look in advance of 2021 as the state heads into a gubernatorial and legislative election year. Ad deadline: TBD

We’ve wrapped everything for 2020 into several all-in package options (though you can still purchase ads separately by publication).  And since we know that COVID-19 has impacted many operating and advertising budgets, the pricing is at a lower rate than the price for a single publication (which remain the same as in past years):

FULL PUBLICATION PACKAGE: $6,000 – Full Page Ads in all of the above publications (7 total; 8 including the Power print edition)

HALF PAGE PACKAGE: $5,000 – Half Page Ads in all of the above publications (7 total; 8 including the Power print edition)

  • Full Page In The Millennials, Policymakers, LGBT Publications : $1,000 (per publication)
  • Half Page In The Millennials, Policymakers, LGBT Publications: $750 (per publication)
  • Full Page In The Insider 100: Power, 2020 Retrospective, 2021 Advance: $2,500 (per publication)
  • Half Page In The Insider 100: Power, 2020 Retrospective, 2021 Advance: $1,500 (per publication)

Thanks again for your support, readership, and partnership over the past year, and since we launched in 2017.  As we continue to grow, we strive to stay true to our central aim of arming you with essential political intelligence each and every day – with deep dives into the real-time world of Jersey politics, contextualized articles and perspective pieces meant to inform and engage our audience.  You’re a critical part of that audience – your support and readership means a lot, and we’ve never taken it for granted.


Insider NJ's Power Party At The League
Insider NJ’s Power Party At The League
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