Insider NJ’s 2020 Insider 100: Power Publication

Insider NJ's 2020 Insider 100: Power

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Welcome to the 2020 Insider 100: Power, where the basic infrastructure in this institutionally  conservative state endures – but finds itself challenged by voters motivated to build a more egalitarian society. Certainly, the COVID-19 crisis altered life as we knew it, permanently for  some, and reordered not only the way the survivors coexist, but the perspective from which we  address our most pressing problems.

We made it (almost) through an unprecedented election year in which voters turned  Republican Donald Trump out of office in favor of Democratic challenger Joe Biden. In the process  of the campaign, the virus forced us to examine our institutions, which worked very well for some  in the crisis, while proving painfully insufficient and neglectful for others.

The pandemic revealed the inadequacy of a healthcare system mostly generated through employment, as  millions of working-class Americans found themselves having to choose between their jobs and their  lives. If they continued going to work in the middle of a shut- down, they could continue to have  healthcare coverage, which had no answers for the deadly virus they caught at work. In the midst of  the crisis, the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota further sparked a sense of inequity and  a reevaluation of the relationship between law enforcement and the African American community.

Against that backdrop, which felt more like an all-engulfing miasma, we considered the power  players in this state and while ranking them gave particular weight this year to those who occupied the front lines…


Download Insider NJ’s 2020 Insider 100: Power publication or view it below:


The 2020 Insider 100: Power


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One response to “Insider NJ’s 2020 Insider 100: Power Publication”

  1. Whitman has no clout with either party. Just because Tom Moran approves of her party switch and published her anti-Trump nonsense doesn’t make her influential – just nauseating.

    Should have been a post-humus tribute to Big Steve Adubato.

    The number of union shills is scary.

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