Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 9/22/2023

Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing

Below is Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing:


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Car thefts, smash and grabs, and burglaries are a direct result of this administration’s soft-on-crime approach.” – Senate Minority Leader Bucco


TOP STORY: Did New Jersey Lose its Damn Mind?


Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing


New census data shows the state’s growing diversity, according to NJ Monitor.


Governor Murphy and AG Platkin announced $5.5M in Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program grants.


HESAA released data on financial aid for postsecondary students.


A judge declined to limit ‘Daniel’s Law’ for reporters, according to NJ Monitor.


A judge issued a temporary restraining order against RWJUH striking nurses, according to NJ spotlight.


Camden County received a water resources award.


Monmouth County home prices fell, according to the Asbury Park Press.


Senator Booker introduced the ‘Algorithmic Accountability Act’.


A study will be conducted to see whether the Outerbridge Crossing should be replaced, according to


There are new details on the big Garden State Plaza overhaul, according to the Bergen Record.


ICYMI: Gottheimer railed against Light Rail delay; Murphy appointed Suarez as Acting DCA Commissioner; Way announced Parker as COS; Way assumed LG oath; Way to succeed Oliver; Fulop held virtual town hall; RWJUH nurses’ strike continues into week four


Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing


The NJSPBA endorsed legislative candidates.


In LD16, Senator Zwicker and Assemblyman Freiman touted school funding for Hillsborough.


In LD39, the Democrats released a TV ad.


Rep. Gottheimer says he supports the county line system, according to NJ Globe.


In CD7, Democratic primary candidate Sue Altman was endorsed by the CWA.


ICYMI: Kean acknowledged not reporting stock trades; Sackett seeking Morris commissioner seat; NFIB endorsed candidates; ELEC announced complaints; Planned Parenthood released endorsements; 32BJ released endorsements; Sussex GOP disseminating cartoon; Baraka fundraising amid buzz; leg candidates voiced opinions on veterans homes; Dems in cold sweat over vet homes report; in LD38, GOP believes best chance in years; in LD23, Dems hoping to make in-roads; 2 GOP stalwarts teaming up with ‘Moms For Liberty’


Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing


Governor Murphy delivered remarks to the NJ Alliance For Action Transportation Conference.


South Jersey Democratic Senators released a statement saying that protecting children and giving parents a voice are not mutually exclusive.


Senator Bucco lambasted Democratic policies as ‘far left’.


The NJBIA told the BPU that a gas car ban would hurt residents. LG Way will address the annual Women Business Leaders Forum.


NJCBA President Scott Rudder remains bullish about the state’s developing cannabis sector.


ICYMI: Helmy will depart; environmentalists demanding bear hunt end; Fiordaliso passed away


Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing


Insider NJ Radio: debating the impeachment inquiry.


Insider NJ Radio: a discussion on suicide prevention.


Compliance Corner: Here’s an initial assessment on how the Elections Transparency Act is changing the state’s political landscape.


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Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing


In Prospect Park, Mayor Khairullah has joined a lawsuit challenging the legality of federal government watchlists.


In Atlantic City, Housing Authority tenants asked the council help in fixing living conditions, according to the Press of Atlantic City.


In Beachwood, a code enforcement official drew misconduct charges, according to the Asbury Park Press.


In Bernards, parents raised school issues, according to NJ Hills.


In Carteret, road improvements are beginning, according to MyCentralJersey.


In Camden, the mayor wants to demolish a blighted building, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.


In Dover, candidates debated, according to the Daily Record.


In Hillsborough, a stalled Route 206 project took another turn, according to MyCentralJersey.


In Jersey City, the council approved a PILOT for Bayfront, according to Hudson County View. The mayoral race is heating up, according to Hudson County View.


In Millville, the high school overhaul brings a new era for students, according to the Press of Atlantic City.


In Montville, residents decried a zoning board decision, according to TAPinto.


In Wildwood, Mayor Byron resigned, according to


In Woodland Park, Chaabane was appointed to the council, according to TAPinto.


ICYMI: In White, no vote or public comment on warehouse; in New Brunswick, AG Platkin avoided taking side in press case; in Hanover, court blocked notification policy; in New Brunswick, a hearing was held in the Kratovil case



Insider NJ columnist Jay Lassiter writes ‘NJ Democrats Stand for Nothing. But Vote for Them Anyway (because the Republicans are Worse)


Insider NJ columnist Bob Hennelly writes ‘A Reckoning 42 Years in the Making


Insider NJ columnist Alan Steinberg writes ‘Is Dr. Jack Kevorkian alive, well, and serving as political strategist for Tom Kean, Jr.?


Insider NJ columnist Carl Golden writes ‘Strongarming The Media


In a guest column on Insider NJ, Marc Gaswirth writes ‘School Employee Absences May Increase Sharply: Will Learning Be Further Compromised?



School boards move to repeal transgender policy

Brenda Flanagan, NJ Spotlight


  • The intense debate over parental rights and transgender students drove efforts to scrap New Jersey’s controversial education Policy 5756 at three Monmouth County school boards Wednesday night. The policy bars schools from outing transgender students to their families, in most cases.


Weeks into school year, this North Jersey middle school still has no student schedules

Megan Burrow,


  • Three weeks into the school year, more than 1,400 middle schoolers do not have class schedules, due to a problem with the rollout of a new scheduling system.


Palisades Park Borough Hall mold documents


  • Documents dealing with Palisades Park Borough Hall building and mold issues obtained through Open Public Records Act requests.


60% of New Hampshire Republicans won’t vote Christie “under any circumstances”

Matt Rooney, Save Jersey


  • The New Hampshire Primary is still a few months away, but Chris Christie (aka Fatty McThunderbiscuits) is having trouble breaking loose from the “not Trump” pack of alternatives, Save Jerseyans. Wednesday’s new CNN poll paints a bleak picture of his Granite State prospects, a place where Christie is investing most of his time because he likely needs to finish second there or face the possibility of a second consecutive early departure from a presidential nominating contest (Christie finished 6th in New Hampshire back in 2016 with only 7.38% of the vote).


Nabisco plant to be replaced by major warehouse development

Briana Vannozzi, NJ Spotlight


  • After months of speculation and debate, the future of the Nabisco plant site in Fair Lawn has been decided. The iconic snack factory will be replaced with a massive warehouse. Fair Lawn’s planning board on Monday approved a plan to build a 644,000 square foot warehouse on Route 208 once the existing Nabisco plant is torn down. The plant closed in 2021 after 60 years of operation.


NJ gets $3 million more to fight wildfires after worst season in a decade

Matt Fagan,


  • For many, the 972-acre Kanouse wildfire in West Milford was a wake-up call. Forcing the evacuation of five homes and threatening stables that housed dozens of horses boarded in the township, the fire took almost four days to bring under control by firefighters from throughout the region.


The disgraceful, costly betrayal of America’s children | Editorial

Star-Ledger Editorial Board


  • The child poverty rate more than doubled in the US last year, according to new census data, and there is no need to ask why this happened. We don’t need to examine market forces and job numbers or consult an expert on nuances directed by the hand of a sadistic economic god.


Here’s the NJ backstory to Iran prisoner swap: It’s all about ‘frozen’ assets – Kelly

Mike Kelly,


  • What is someone’s life worth? A million dollars? A billion? Our nation this week released $6 billion to gain the freedom of five Americans who had been imprisoned in Iran on a myriad of questionable charges. Do the math: That’s $1.2 billion for each U.S. citizen to come home.


The Oradell Dam, linchpin of North Jersey’s drinking water supply, just turned 100

Sammy Gibbons,


  • North Jersey officials marked the Oradell Reservoir Dam’s 100 years of providing drinking water to Bergen and Hudson counties on Wednesday. “The dam and the reservoir that it creates provides a really reliable drinking water source,” said Alan Weland, the vice president and general manager of Veolia New Jersey, the for-profit utility that operates the reservoir and provides drinking water to nearly 1 million customers in North Jersey.


More districts reject Murphy’s trans policy in NJ schools

Eric Scott, NJ 1015


  • Following the revelation that the state’s transgender policy for school students was guidance and not mandate, another New Jersey district has voted to scrap that policy entirely.


Ballot Bowl aims to improve voter turnout, civic engagement among youth

Melissa Rose Cooper, NJ Spotlight


  • Wednesday, Lt. Gov. Tahesha Way made a push to get more young adults to the polls by joining students and staff at Rutgers-Camden to kick off the sixth annual Ballot Bowl. “Each year my office asked New Jersey’s universities to step up and compete to see who can register the most new voters,” said Way. “It is a friendly competition led by the students. Ultimately, we want our voters to commit to vote.”


Pet insurance companies want to triple rates. What does that mean for pet owners?

Daniel Munoz,


  • Pet insurance costs are far exceeding the cost of veterinarian care, as insurers seek double digit increases according to state filings. Federal figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that as of August, national veterinarian costs increased 8.5%. But three pet insurance companies are asking the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance to approve much higher rate increases.


American Dream lawsuits are stacking up. Here’s why — and how they compare to other malls

Daniel Munoz,


  • From a broken leg, slip-and-falls and knocked-out teeth to unpaid construction bills and defaults on a multimillion dollar loan, lawsuits against American Dream Mall have frequently dominated news headlines.


Storm surges and hurricanes in New Jersey: Everything you need to know

Juan Carlos Castillo, Asbury Park Press


  • Although New Jersey’s coastal communities have a history of dealing with extreme weather, rising sea levels are introducing new risks. While average global sea level has risen about 8 inches since 1900, New Jersey’s sea level crept higher – about 17 inches over the same period, according to a report by Rutgers University. New Jersey’s remarkable sea level rise is due to the land sinking because of groundwater pumping and natural geological processes related to the last glacial period.
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  1. Murphy celebrates “a full week of declining numbers” then says “status quo of lockdown will remain until new cases and fatalities decrease.” So, which of Murphy’s statements is accurate? He said 2 opposite things in a single paragraph of speaking.

    • He;s “vacationing” at his villa in Italy, while Covid surges and the state is paralyzed by “remote work”…………translation: NO WORK

  2. That is what happens in practicality when they are “suspending their disbelief” (HR Clinton) in real numbers and going on predictive models to make decisions. And then after doing that, they vote with “feelings.”

    • lmao imagine supporting lockdowns after the largest mass death event in american history and calling that a feeling driven conclusion? maga chuds never fail to disappoint

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  6. lETS NOT FORGET that during the pandemic Donald Trump sent the MERCY, a fully equipped, COVID prepared Hospital ship to save lives of victims and healthcare workers . But Murphy in his wisdom would rather send Patients back to nursing homes that were ill-equipped to treat these patients so they could die , rather than utilize a life-saving gift and be like NY governor Cuomo, another anti-Trump

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