The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton


Endorses Pro-Union Incumbents & Challengers Who Will Fight For Middle-Class and Working Families


(TRENTON, NEW JERSEY)  Today, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) enthusiastically announced the latest – and final – round of endorsements for several legislative races throughout New Jersey.


“As we’ve said this entire campaign cycle, everyone deserves the opportunity to work in a safe, respectful environment with fair wages and benefits,” said Dennis Trainor, Vice President for CWA District 1. “We are extremely proud to back these Assembly and Senate candidates, because we know they’ll be steadfast, strong supporters of working families and the labor movement here in New Jersey.”


“Now more than ever, New Jersey needs pro-union leaders in Trenton who will fight alongside us on the issues that matter to middle-class and working families,” said Fran Ehret, CWA NJ State Director. “Over the next several weeks, CWA members look forward to being out there in force – knocking on doors, making phone calls and talking with our neighbors – all the way through the last hour of Election Day this November.”


Below please find a list of the latest round of CWA’s 2023 New Jersey legislative endorsements:

  • Alphonso Harrell (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-2
  • Dave Bailey, Jr. (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-3
  • Heather Simmons (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-3
  • Dan Hutchinson (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-4
  • Cody Miller (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-4
  • Nilsa Cruz-Perez (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-5
  • William Moen (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-5
  • William Spearman (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-5
  • Louis Greenwald (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-6
  • Pamela Lampitt (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-6
  • Troy Singleton (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-7
  • Herb Conaway (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-7
  • Michael Torrissi (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-8
  • Brandon Umba (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-8
  • Gabriel Franco (Open Seat) – State Senate LD-9
  • Brandon Rose (Challenger) – State Senate LD-12
  • Raya Arbiol (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-12
  • Chris Weber (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-21
  • Elizabeth Graner (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-21
  • Linda Carter (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-22
  • James Kennedy (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-22
  • Denise King (Challenger) – State Senate LD-23
  • Guy Citron (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-23
  • Tyler Powell (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-23
  • Edmund Khanoo (Challenger) – State Senate LD-24
  • Baramandal “Alicia” Sharma (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-24
  • Christine Clark (Challenger) – State Senate LD-25
  • Diane Salvatore (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-25
  • Jonathan Torres (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-25
  • Walter Mielarcyzk (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-26
  • John McKeon (Open Seat) – State Senate LD-27
  • Rosaura “Rosy” Bagolie (Open Seat) – State Assembly LD-27
  • Cleopatra Tucker (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-28
  • Renee Burgess (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-28
  • Garnet Hall (Open Seat) – State Assembly LD-28
  • Teresa Ruiz (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-29
  • Eliana Pintor-Marin (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-29
  • Shanique Speight (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-29
  • Angela McKnight (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-31
  • William Sampson (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-31
  • Jessica Ramirez (Open Seat)  – State Assembly LD-32
  • John Allen (Open Seat) – State Assembly LD-32
  • Brian Stack (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-33
  • Julio Marenco (Open Seat)  – State Assembly LD-33
  • Gabriel Rodriguez (Open Seat)  – State Assembly LD-33
  • Michael Venezia (Open Seat)   – State Assembly LD-34
  • Jennifer Ehrentraut (Challenger) – State Senate LD-40

CWA already publicly endorsed the following legislative candidates for re-election:


  • Vince Polistina (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-2
  • John Burzichelli (Challenger) – State Senate LD-3
  • Paul Moriarty (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-4
  • Carol Murphy (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-7
  • Latham Tiver (Open Seat) – State Senate LD-8
  • Vin Gopal (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-11
  • Margie Donlon (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-11
  • Luanne Peterpaul (Challenger) – State Assembly LD-11
  • Linda Greenstein (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-14
  • Wayne DeAngelo (Incumbent) – – State Assembly LD-14
  • Shirley K. Turner (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-15
  • Anthony S. Verrelli (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-15
  • Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-15
  • Andrew Zwicker (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-16
  • Mitchelle Drulis (Open Seat) – State Assembly LD-16
  • Roy Freiman  (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-16
  • Joseph Danielsen (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-17
  • Robert J. Karabinchak (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-18
  • Yvonne Lopez  (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-19
  • Craig J. Coughlin  (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-19
  • Joe Vitale (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-19
  • Joseph Cryan (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-20
  •     Reginald Atkins (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-20
  •     Anette Quijano (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-20
  • Alixon Collazo (Open Seat) – State Assembly LD-27
  • John McKeon (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-27
  • Raj Mukherji  (Open Seat…Current Assemblyman) – State Senate LD-32
  • Britnee N. Timberlake (Open Seat…Current Assemblywoman) – State Senate LD-34
  • Nellie Pou (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-35
  • Shavonda E. Sumter (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-35
  • Benjie E. Wimberly (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-35
  • Paul A. Sarlo (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-36
  • Clinton Calabrese (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-36
  • Gary Schaer (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-36
  • Gordon M. Johnson (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-37
  • Shama A. Haider (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-37
  • Ellen J. Park (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-37
  • Joe Lagana (Incumbent) – State Senate LD-38
  • Lisa Swain (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-38
  • Chris Tully (Incumbent) – State Assembly LD-38


The Communications Workers of America (AFL-CIO) represents both private sector and public workers. CWA represents more than 70,000 working families in New Jersey, including over 40,000 state workers, 15,000 county and municipal workers, and thousands of workers in the telecommunications, airlines, healthcare and direct care industries.

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