Schmid Challenges Congressman Chris Smith to Three Public Debates  

Schmid Challenges Congressman Chris Smith to Three Public Debates


Stephanie Schmid, the Democratic nominee for Congress in NJ-04, is challenging incumbent Republican Chris Smith to three public debates this fall. Two hosts have already committed to organizing debates, the New Jersey Globe and the League of Women Voters, with dates and times to be announced.


Public debates will allow voters to hear directly from the candidates about the top issues facing New Jersey and our country in 2020 so they can cast informed votes. Stephanie is committed to accountable and transparent leadership and has pledged to hold 39 town halls in her first term alone. Conversely, Representative Smith has not held a public town hall in 27 years. The Schmid campaign hopes these debates will include questions from the public and provide an opportunity for voters to learn more about Stephanie’s record of service and her platform.


“Heading into the November election, our country still does not have a plan for dealing with the overlapping health and economic crises facing American families, and Chris Smith is partly to blame. People throughout Central Jersey are struggling. Our constituents deserve to hear directly from the two candidates running to represent them in Washington in order to form their own opinions about our records, our platforms,  and who is best suited to help lead us through these difficult times and into a better, more prosperous future,” said Stephanie Schmid.

The Schmid campaign expects for debates to be held virtually, alleviating many scheduling concerns and ensuring that neither candidate will have to travel to attend. The Stephanie for New Jersey campaign hopes this will encourage high levels of viewership from constituents around the district.


Stephanie Schmid is a New Jersey native, a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer and Diplomat who served our country overseas on behalf of the U.S. Department of State, and a human rights litigation attorney and advocate. She won the Democratic primary in NJ-04 with 70% of the vote and continues to work to expand her grassroots coalition to finally bring new leadership to New Jersey’s 4th District for the first time in 40 years. As the next Representative in NJ-04, Stephanie will work tirelessly to ensure that we have access to the resources we need before, during, and after a global crisis.

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