Stephanie Schmid raises another six figures to end 2019


Stephanie Schmid raises another six figures to end 2019

Stephanie Schmid caught the attention of many when she posted a six-figure fundraising number in the first month of her campaign for Congress in NJ-04. In this last quarter of 2019 she raised another six figures and is sending a strong message to her primary and general election opponents: she has the funds and the resources to win this race. The Stephanie for New Jersey campaign reported over $101,000 raised from 321 unique donors to close out the year. Stephanie is not accepting fossil fuel or corporate PAC money.

“I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who’s donated, who’s volunteered, and who is spreading our message,” Stephanie Schmid said. “We need a strong grassroots campaign to unseat a 39-year incumbent and everyone who is willing to pitch in is making an impact. Our growing number of donors shows that our message is resonating with people in NJ-04 and around the country. I’m excited to continue to have important discussions with members of our community and build on this momentum that will carry us over the finish line in November 2020.”

Stephanie is a New Jersey native with a strong record of serving her community, protecting those most vulnerable, and solving difficult public policy problems. She’s running to bring new leadership to Congress at a time when we need our leaders to solve pressing challenges and create opportunities for the people of New Jersey.

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