The Wiz: For Coughlin, Burlington Appearance a Case of Deja Vu All Over Again

At this point, he ought to have Quincy Jones permanently on the car stereo.

When Craig Coughlin used to stand on a stage with John Wisniewski, they were running mates.

Then they weren’t running mates.

Now one is speaker of the General Assembly and the other is a low-profile country lawyer.

But Coughlin couldn’t resist making the drive down to Westampton to speak at a fundraiser for Wisniewski, only this wasn’t his old pal from the 19th District.

This was a Burlington brand who happens to share the name as the local mayor (pictured below with Coughlin and Westampton Committeeman Sandy Henley.

Westampton Wisniewski’s trying to stare down a Democratic Primary opponent, and for Coughlin it was no heavy lift to  be here, in a packed room that contained LD8 starlets Gina LaPlaca and Mark Natale (pictured, above, with Coughlin).

Henley, Coughlin, and Wisniewski.



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