A Special Thank You to All You Insiders

Thank you to all of you who showed up in Hoboken for our party last night at Antique, although you did short-circuit our plans for creating headlines. We had hoped that by cramming a lot of Democrats and Republicans in the same room we could provoke an insider bar brawl, and then cover the event.

It didn’t work out that way, as the crowd appeared to have a great – and peaceful – time.

You can’t really beat a place that has pictures of Sophia Loren, Jack Kerouac, and Jimi Hendrix on the walls. I’m still wondering whether that’s the real painting by Joe Pesci’s mom in Goodfellas hanging near the bar.

The evening’s guests, in no particular order, included Idida Rodriguez, Mo Butler, Nick Sacco, George Helmy, Dale Florio, Al Gaburo, Ravi Bhalla, Maggie Moran, Bill Caruso, Annette Chaparro, Chris Donnelly, Raj Mukherji, Joey Muniz, Chris James, Tai Cooper, Julie Diaz, Junior Maldonado, Mike Makarski, Nick Acocella, Bill Pascrell III, Koren Frankfort, Jose Arango, Al Barlas, Jeremy Farrell,  Alicia, D’Alessandro, Thomas Pietrykoski, Christina Zuk, Sam Weinstein, Omar Rodriguez, John Heinis, Bryan Walensky, Anthony Romano, Chrissy Buteas, Ken Lucianan, Barry Brendel, Cristina Pinzon, Michael Murphy, Al Abdel-aziz, Simon Pereira, Frank Rosner, Laura Van Bloem,  Jill Shortway, Mike DeFusco, Laura Matos, Tiffanie Fisher, Vijay Chaudhuri, Hector Nieves, Hamza Abdelgani, Kristine Allen, Cary Lopez, Wendell McQuilla, Ivette Nataland, Sam Weinstein and Shari Taha.

Thank you again to all of you for a successful and fun evening, and thank you to our publisher, John Graham, for his ongoing support in the exciting adventure otherwise known as InsiderNJ.

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