Adding a Dose of (Virtual) Spicer to the Kean Campaign


Sean Spicer has had an eclectic career since leaving his job as White House press secretary – author, Dancing With The Stars contestant and most recently, asking his old boss a question as a reporter.

Now he’s about to expand his resume to include fundraising for Tom Kean’s CD-7 campaign.

The candidate’s Facebook page tells us that Spicer will host a virtual roundtable on Wednesday night.

And just like a traditional fundraiser, there are different levels.

Joining the regular roundtable at 5:30 p.m. costs you $50. But only $35 if you are a young Republican.

A “VIP” roundtable begins a half-hour later; that costs you $250.

Despite it being a virtual production, space is limited for the VIP event.

Whatever Spicer has to say is confidential. The press is not allowed to listen in.

That’s a pity. Judging from Spicer’s performance as press secretary in the early days of the Trump Administration, he probably has some interesting things to say.

Recall that Spicer was the poor soul who had to say Donald Trump’sinauguration crowd was the largest in history when photo evidence showed that was clearly not the case. This led to Jersey-native Kellyanne Conway’s fascinating comment about “alternative facts.”

Virtual events of this type on both sides of the aisle are fast becoming the reality. This really is going to be tough to swallow, especially for all those who enjoy the camaraderie of political chatter over booze and finger food.

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  • Hancock212

    Sean Spicer? Really? He’s the best Jr. could get?

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