Amy Kennedy Discusses Affordable Healthcare and Mental Healthcare with Steve Adubato

Amy Kennedy

Steve Adubato is joined by Amy Kennedy (D) – NJ, Democratic Candidate, New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District, to discuss her thoughts on her opponent, Rep. Jeff Van Drew, and the need for better access to high-quality, affordable health care and mental health care, especially in the age of COVID.

From a public policy point of view regarding U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew, Amy Kennedy (D) – NJ, says there has been a failure to bring support that is needed in response to the COVID-19 crisis. She says, “Things like the stimulus, we know so many people in south Jersey are struggling and he hasn’t been supportive of it, but I think in a more broad sense, just a departure from really standing up for south Jersey. I think when he did pledge his undying support to Donald Trump, it felt like he had left a lot of people behind.” In regards to U.S. Rep Van Drew’s switch from the Democratic party to the Republican party, she says she appreciates someone who is independent-minded and that people are looking for someone who is less partisan, however, Van Drew’s switch seemed to be more in his own self-interest rather than for the people of south Jersey.

Amy Kennedy says the Affordable Care Act needs to be protected and expanded. She wants people to know that pre-existing conditions will be covered, COVID-19 life-saving treatments will be covered, and that they can pay for or have the care they need.

Her priorities as a Democratic candidate include COVID-19, the economy, and mental health. Her focus has been bringing mental health services to students and young people to help them when they’re struggling with early intervention.


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