Asm. Bramnick Discusses the NJ Budget & Lack of Hearings During COVID-19 with Steve Adubato

Recorded on 3/23/2021, Steve Adubato sits down with Asm. Jon Bramnick (R) – NJ, Assembly Republican Leader, to discuss Gov. Murphy’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Address and his leadership during COVID, former President Trump’s influence in the January 6th Capitol riots, and the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey.

Asm. Jon Bramnick explains his thoughts on the decisions made during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic regarding nursing homes and veterans’ homes. He says, “Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in terms of making a decision under those circumstances. I don’t give a pass, but I’ve not been one out criticizing the governors on those early decisions…Right now what I’m critical about, is he’s basically gagged people from testifying before the legislature, he’s held no open or public hearings where people could talk to him face to face.”

Bramnick believes the people of New Jersey should have been given opportunities to speak in front of Gov. Murphy or the legislature during the COVID-19 pandemic, while Gov. Murphy was making the decisions about closing and reopening the state. There were no hearings or virtual hearings where the public could make their case. Bramnick adds, “We testify on bills all the time, but you can’t testify whether you open or close society, whether you open or close schools? Why aren’t parents able to testify about their kids being home? Zero. That to me, in my judgement, disrespectful of the public.”

In addition, Bramnick explains that he does not view the Republican Party as the Trump Party, “The essence of the party…respectful, civil, small government, lower taxes, less regulation, that’s what we’re about. I understand the rhetoric of Donald Trump can be very hurtful, and I believe in the long term that will be in the rearview mirror.”

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