Attorney General Garland Just Jumped out of the Airplane: There is Only One Direction to Go and There Is No Turning Back


The news that the FBI executed a search warrant for certain items that were located on Donald Trump’s property at Mar-a-Lago was both stunning and unprecedented.  To have taken such a drastic step, the Department of Justice must have been convinced that there was evidence of criminal conduct sufficient to persuade a federal judge to sign a search warrant.  As legal commentators have uniformly mentioned, such a search warrant application would have undoubtedly been approved by Attorney General Garland himself.  Garland by reputation is both cautious and conservative, so in authorizing the search warrant he must have felt he had his ducks in a row.

The significant fact is that the Department of Justice chose to utilize a search warrant to obtain the evidence rather than a subpoena.  This suggests that they did not believe that the evidence in question would be produced by Trump pursuant to a subpoena, and they had to utilize the drastic remedy of a search warrant against a former President.

To me this decisive action by Attorney General Garland means that his mindset has shifted from whether to seriously investigate Trump, to how to investigate Trump, to a new focus where Donald Trump is now the target of the Department of Justice. Every person who is a target is not indicted, but being a target is a legally dangerous place to be.

The firestorm created by the execution of the search warrant was predictable.  In the wake of the news reports, Donald Trump lashed out and suggested that he is the victim of a political persecution.  Politicians like Ronald DeSantis, Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Republican National Committee Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel are arguing that the Department of Justice is weaponizing its investigations.  Some right-wing extremist groups have already proclaimed that they are getting ready to go to “war.”  In my view, these false and bombastic counterattacks against Merrick Garland will only make him more, not less determined.  Once somebody jumps out of an airplane, there is no turning back.

As the legal hurricane approaches Donald Trump, he has many things to worry about.  But his biggest fear could be that the old Hudson County saying proves true:  “You are indicted by your enemies, but convicted by your friends.”

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3 responses to “Attorney General Garland Just Jumped out of the Airplane: There is Only One Direction to Go and There Is No Turning Back”

  1. Strange how Trump was in politics all of four years and has been persecuted since the day he came down the escalator. Yet decades-long career politicians on both sides of the aisle have committed untold number of egregious crimes against the American people and remain unscathed. Term Limits…when?

  2. Yep. Merrick Garland jumped out of the plane–without a parachute. He made a huge blunder, just like Adolf Hitler did when he invaded the Soviet Union in 1940 and then declared war against the United States a few days after Pearl Harbor. This is not going to bode well for Garland, Biden, and the rest of the Democrats. They are trying to cover up the debacle of the 87,000 IRS agents being given orders to use deadly force on Americans.

    The MAL raid was a major error, and it only focused the American people more sharply on the Democrats attempt to ruin and turn this country into a Communist 3rd World nightmare.

    Democrats have snatched Defeat from the Jaws of Victory, as Republicans looked dazed and confused the past month with the Democrats ramming all kinds of Socialist-Communist legislation through both houses, without too much push-back.

  3. Endless investigation into Trump. All the evil Right Wing extremists are preparing for war.

    Nice spin. Nice opinion. Completely off base.

    The liberals un Confress are the extremists. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, the stupid squad, Sanders, Warren, and the rest of the cast.

    Why no investigation into Hunter Biden, Pelosi’s husband, Hillary? Garland is bitter for not getting an appointment to the Supreme Court, that is why.

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