GOP Leaders Do Not Want Former Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino

Several prominent Bergen County Republicans released a statement saying that they denounce Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino's return to the GOP, citing his resignation over racist comments and his defection to the Democratic party as their main objections.

District 39 legislators Assemblyman Robert Auth (R-Bergen) and Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R-Bergen), District 40 legislators Assemblymen Christopher DePhillips (R-Bergen) and Kevin Rooney (R-Bergen), District 38 candidates Michael Kazmir (R-Bergen) and Christopher DiPiazza (R-Bergen) and Freeholder candidates Corrado Belgiovine (R-Bergen), Alyssa Dawson (R-Bergen), and Kathleen Cericola (R-Bergen) released the following statement in response:

“Former Sheriff Saudino has no place as an active participant in our party. We are united in condemnation of his hateful speech and pledge to refuse financial support of any kind from Mr. Saudino. As legislators and candidates we will continue to move our party forward in a positive and inclusive manner. Let us be clear, unlike our Democratic counterparts who remained silent against their fellow Democrat last September when this first came to light, we have and will continue to denounce all hatred, racism, sexism, bigotry and homophobia regardless of party affiliation.”

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3 responses to “GOP Leaders Do Not Want Former Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino”

  1. Why did the current chairman allow this PR disaster to happen ??? No candidate can put this Tainted Jeannie back in the bottle

  2. I commend all the members of the Bergen County GOP that have the strength of character to come forward and speak out against former Sheriff Saudino. Silence speaks volumes. Hatred, racism and sexism should never be tolerated or accepted, regardless of party affiliation. Remember what took place in Englewood Cliffs. The actions of former Chief Cioffi and other officers in Englewood Cliffs should also not have been tolerated or accepted either. Yet, once again Senator Loretta Weinberg’s moral compass only works when it suits her. When a prominent Democrat Police Chief in her own district is caught on tape threatening to kill a Councilwoman, making lewd sexual comments, and mocking two Asian-American Councilmen with disgusting racial slurs, she is radio silent. I challenge Senator Weinberg to finally do what is right and condemn the comments of former Police Chief Cioffi and the Englewood Democrats who swept his egregious behavior under the rug and gave him a huge taxpayer-funded payout.”

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