Caba Goes after Vas in Perth Amboy Mayor’s Race

Councilman Helmin Caba.

Perth Amboy mayoral candidate Helmin J. Caba is challenging opponent Joseph B. Vas to stop behaving like President Donald J. Trump and finally start running a clean, issue-oriented campaign.

“As this city’s Democratic chairman, I want Mr. Vas to stop his Trump-style attacks against other opponents and start sharing any ideas he may have for our city’s future,” said Caba, the local Democratic chairman.

“My campaign, from its start, offers proactive, sensible solutions for the important issues that our residents care about most. It seems reasonable to ask that Mr. Vas do the same,” said Caba, also a city councilman.

“Mr. Vas’s combative campaign is being driven and directed by his father, disgraced former Mayor Joseph Vas, convicted in 2010 on a variety federal and state corruption charges,” Caba said. “The former political boss was known as a heavy-handed bully during his 18 years as mayor.

“The old Vas administration caused many of our city’s long-standing problems. Sadly, Mayor Wilda Diaz has been incapable of fixing them. Instead, she brought more instability and turbulence to City Hall during her 12 years,” Caba added. “That must also end this year.

“Candidate Vas also uses Trump-style smear tactics to hide that he has no record of community service or political participation, except for losing a 2017 race for Committeeman in his election district,” Caba said. “Vas claims he helped 1,000 property owners to file tax appeals, but he billed them for his legal services.”

Caba is running with his “2020 Vision” council running mates Rose Brion Morales and Bienvenido “BJ” Torres Jr.

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