CD-11 Flashpoint: Money isn’t Everything, But…

The old saying is that money isn’t everything.

Jay Webber better hope so.

Mikie Sherrill, his Democratic opponent in the 11th Congressional District, said Monday that she raised $2.7 million in the third quarter of this year’s fundraising cycle. In all, Sherrill has raised $7 million and has about $2.6 million in hand with about 30 days to go until election day, her campaign said.

Candidates must file campaign financial statements by Oct. 15 with the Federal Election Commission that cover money raised and spent through Sept. 30.

The statements become public soon after they are filed, but it’s common for candidates to announce details beforehand if the news is good.

That’s certainly the case with Sherrill, who said in a release that she is “humbled by the support our campaign has received as we head into the final month of this race.”

While Sherrill has been raising money for more than a year, Webber’s fundraising didn’t begin until incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen said he was not running again in late January.

Webber, who also had to fight through a contested primary, had raised $171,000 by the previous July 15 filing deadline.

The Republican’s fundraising of late has been intense. Webber had Vice President Mike Pence visit the district for a fundraiser in August and just last week, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton appeared at another fundraiser for the Republican.

Webber has not given any hints as to how much money he raised in the third quarter.

Spokesperson Ronica Cleary offered the following on Sherrill’s fundraising:

“Here’s the thing about Montclair Mikie’s money: she outspent us 4:1 over the summer and her lead shrank. Why? Because she applauds Nancy Pelosi and finds her ‘effective.’ Montclair Mikie needs every dollar of the liberal special interest money she receives because despite all her millions, Mikie Sherrill still can’t convince the voters that she’s anything more than a tax and spend liberal.”


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