CD-11 Flashpoint: Sherrill Scores Two Endorsements of Former Republican Officeholders


Mikie Sherrill picked up Republican endorsements ahead of the general election next week. The Honorable Barbara A. Curran (R), the first woman to serve in all three branches of New Jersey government, and Susan Hoag, former Chatham Township Mayor and Councilperson, announced their support for Sherrill.

“Having served in all three branches of government here in New Jersey, I know what dedicated public service looks like. It’s about advocating for the greater good and putting others first, and that’s always been Mikie Sherrill’s mission,” said Curran. “Right now we need leaders like Mikie Sherrill in Washington who will work to make New Jersey a better place for all our families. I am proud to support her campaign for Congress.”

“I know that Mikie Sherrill is going to work hard for Democrats and Republicans alike when she wins next week,” said Hoag. “Throughout her campaign, she has stuck to the issues that are important to the residents of this community, hearing from and meeting with individuals regardless of their party affiliation. I know Mikie Sherrill will be a stellar representative for our community in the House of Representatives.”

“Our campaign is about bringing people together, and rising above partisan labels,” said Sherrill. “I will bring that spirit of bipartisanship with me to Washington in January to represent everyone in this district, and I am honored to have the support of Judge Curran and Mayor Hoag.”

The Honorable Barbara A. Curran is a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge who works pro bono with government and community organizations to provide legal, educational, health, housing and employment services to veterans and their families. Judge Curran was elected to four terms in the New Jersey legislature and served as a member of the cabinet for two New Jersey Governors.

Susan R. Hoag served on the Chatham Township Committee for six years as a Republican. She served as Chatham Township Mayor in 2001 and 2004, and Deputy Mayor in 2000 and 2003. Hoag is a resident of Chatham Township.

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