CD11 Flashpoint: Langer Forms Exploratory Committee to Go up Against Sherrill

Langer and friends

Local businessman Jerry Langer today announced that he is examining challenging U.S. Rep. Mikie Mikie Sherrill.

A resident of Montville since 1998, Langer has worked in his family business as the third
generation of family members continue a tradition of serving the transportation industry.

“When Mikie Sherrill ran last year, she pledged to be a bi-partisan member of Congress who would represent all residents of the 11th Congressional District,” said Langer, a married father with four
daughters. “Instead, Mikie has voted 97% of the time with liberal Nancy Pelosi and 91 percent of
the time with radicals Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and thinks we haven’t noticed that she’s already turned into the fifth member of The Squad.”

In a release, the candidate noted that NJ-11 is one of only 31 congressional districts won by President Donald Trump in 2016 currently represented by a Democrat. Every GOP nominee for President has won NJ-11 since at least 2000, including President Trump. In the presidential election year of 2016, the GOP congressional nominee won NJ-11 by 19 points. Registered Republicans outnumber Democrats in NJ-11 and despite 2018 GOP US Senate nominee Bob Hugin losing statewide, he still won NJ-11. Dating back to President Reagan, the incumbent President’s party has gained seats in every re-election campaign. Translation: Democrats currently hold seats that will be won back by Republicans in 2020 – and NJ-11 is prime take-back territory.

Over the past decade, Langer has been one of New Jersey’s most prolific Republican donors at
the national and state levels.

“With the right candidate, this is undoubtedly a winnable race for Republicans and I am going to
spend the next days deciding if I am that candidate,” said Langer, noting that Sherrill enjoyed more than a 5 to 1 spending advantage during her 2018 election. “Here is what I already know: if I decide to run, I believe so much in defeating Mikie Sherrill that I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is on day one of the race.”

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  • Mary

    Do your daughters a favor and stay out of the race. I’m sure your support of a traitor is embarrassing.

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