CD2 Ballot Flap: Judge Rules for Testa in Showdown with Turkavage

Assignment Judge Benjamin Telsey in Cumberland County in Bridgeton this afternoon ruled against CD2 Republican candidate Robert “Tuk” Turkavage, siding instead with Cumberland County GOP Chairman Michael Testa, Jr.

Turkavage wanted a clerk’s decision overturned so that his name could appear on the ballot as the Cumberland County GOP’s endorsed candidate. But the judge ruled that he – and not Cumberland County GOP Chairman Michael Testa – bore the burden of adopting the organization’s slogan and communicating with the clerk in time for the primary deadline.


Turkavage argued that as the county chairman, Testa had an affirmative obligation to help him, but the judge ruled otherwise, pointing out that the organization’s permission for Turkavage to adopt the slogan represented a preference vote “not an endorsement.”

The preferred spot on the ballot, therefore will remain empty.


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