CD5 Flashpoint: Kreibich Scolds Gottheimer for Backing Bloomberg

LAFAYETTE – Josh Gottheimer is in Mike Bloomberg’s corner.

The congressman from the Fifth District said Thursday that he is endorsing Bloomberg for president. Speaking after an unrelated event Thursday morning in Sussex County, Gottheimer said he’s going with Bloomberg for a number of reasons, including his leadership ability, business acumen and a belief the former New York City mayor can bring a divided country together, Most pointedly, perhaps, Gottheimer said the country does not want or need a “socialist” as president.

Bernie Sanders, who is leading the Democratic field in many of the latest polls, calls himself a “Democratic socialist.”

Gottheimer’s choice drew a quick response from Arati Kreibich, who is challenging the incumbent in the party’s June primary.

Kreibich said Bloomberg’s past is “plagued with sexism, racism and a commitment to corporate donors over the American people.” She said Gottheimer’s endorsement shows a “lack of commitment to the people of NJ-5.”

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