Chairman Jones: ‘Governor Murphy Made All New Jersey Democrats Proud’

New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr., is releasing the following statement on Governor Phil Murphy’s “clear victory” in tonight’s first gubernatorial debate:

“Governor Murphy made all New Jersey Democrats proud tonight by doing what he’s done since day one  — standing up for New Jersey values, fighting for working- and middle-class families and refusing to allow the Trump-style extremism that Jack Ciattarelli represents take hold in our state.

“While Assemblyman Ciattarelli continues to embrace Trumpism, takes extreme policy positions that are far out of step with New Jersey and engages in baseless personal attacks, Governor Murphy is doing the work needed to move our state forward. The contrast between Governor Murphy and Assemblyman Ciattarelli could not be more clear, and now it’s time for Democrats and all New Jerseyans to stand together and make sure we win this election and have our Governor’s back, just like he has ours.”

 Senators Nick Scutari (D-22) and Joe Cryan (D-20) were likewise quick out of the gate immediately after the contest, jointly praised Governor Phil Murphy’s performance Tuesday evening and “declared him a clear, decisive victor in the debate.”

“What we saw from Governor Murphy’s leadership the last four years was exemplified by his debate performance this evening. Democratic leadership has given New Jerseyans a lot to be proud of and Governor Murphy has the best case for defending working families, protecting our environment, and supporting labor across the state over the next four years.”

The Senators called Jack Ciattarelli’s policies “out of date and out of touch.”

“Ciattarelli wants to bring back the kinds of failed economic policies that have decimated working families. These policies irreparably harm organized labor in New Jersey and directly threaten the level playing field Democrats have fought hard to build. We call on Union County and beyond to join us in supporting Governor Murphy for re-election on November 2nd.”

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