Christie Signs Budget and Horizon Bills; State Government Re-Opens

The Governor’s Office released the following list of bills that Governor Christie signed this morning – including the FY2018 budget and the compromise Horizon bill, effectively putting the government shutdown behind us and re-opening state government.



A-5001/S-3327 (Schaer/Sarlo) – Amends and supplements various language provisions in Fiscal Year 2017 annual State appropriations act.

A-5005/S-3328 (Burzichelli/Sarlo) – Transfers $8,000,000 from New Jersey Surplus Lines Insurance Guaranty Fund to General Fund.

S-3312/A-5003 (Sarlo, Bucco, Oroho/Schaer, O’Scanlon, Greenwald) – Transfers State Lottery Enterprise to TPAF, PERS, and PFRS.

S-2/A-5129 (Vitale/Prieto, Muoio,Vainieri Huttle, Mukherji, Caputo) – Clarifies role of health service corporations, revises membership of board of directors, regulates surplus, and requires timely publication of certain information by DOBI.

A-5000/S-18 (Schaer/Sarlo) – Appropriates State budget for fiscal year 2017-2018. (with line item veto of language)

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One response to “Christie Signs Budget and Horizon Bills; State Government Re-Opens”

  1. And how will this affect the 3.8 million people in NJ who have medical inurance under Horizon?

    The media goes on and on for days about Christie using a private beach, but not a word to tell us about how our already crappy medical insurance will be further degraded?!

    Thanks for nothing, incompetent media!

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