Ciattarelli Releases First TV Ad of the GOP Primary Campaign Season

GOP Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli today debuted his first television ad entitled “I Know.”

“I am proud to release my first television commercial today and speak directly to the people of New Jersey about my detailed plans to fix the school funding formula to lower property taxes and reform the tax code to revitalize our economy,” said Ciattarelli.  “While the Lt. Governor runs the typical political campaign of poll-tested platitudes and tone deaf rhetoric about our state being in good shape, I am advocating we move in an entirely new direction with a very detailed plan that will take us there.”


“I’m Jack Ciattarelli and here’s a few things I know.
One: you don’t build two successful Main Street businesses without a plan to get there.

Two: you deserve what I have always given my customers and my employees, a bold and detailed plan.

It starts with finally fixing the unfair school funding formula to lower suburban property taxes.

We’ll cut government by 10% and reform the tax code to grow our economy and create jobs.

New Jersey: we need a new direction, and my plan will get us there.”
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