In Closing Ad of the Season, Murphy Vows to Protect New Jersey Against Donald Trump

Phil Murphy

The Murphy for Governor campaign made its closing Democratic Primary argument today by launching a television advertisement that targets President Donald Trump.

The 30-second spot, “Line”will air statewide until next week’s June 6 primary election.

“This is where we stop Donald Trump’s assault on our values,” Murphy says. “So join me to protect people with pre-existing conditions. To keep our environment safe. To defend those who come here seeking freedom and opportunity. In preserving a woman’s right to choose. To fight a cruel plan that cuts healthcare and education but favors billionaires and giant corporations.

“More than ever, a governor matters,” Murphy adds. “Together, we’ll make New Jersey where we draw the line against Donald Trump.”

The ad may be viewed by clicking here.

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  • Jim Granelli

    Who is going to protect us from Murphy’s ludicrous and wacky ideas like a State Bank and $2.7 BILLION in tax increases which is going to drive more people from NJ.

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