Codey: ‘It’s Going to be Interesting to see Mr. Christie out-Trump Trump’


State Senator Richard Codey, who served as New Jersey’s Governor from 2004 to 2006, leaves nothing off the table in an interview with InsiderNJ’s Christine Sloan.

The Democrat has sponsored several pieces of legislation, including one that would prevent New Jersey prosecutors, assistant prosecutors and Attorney Generals from seeking or holding elective office until three years after leaving their legal positions.

In February, the Senate passed S-3242, sponsored by Senator Codey and Senator Nicholas J. Sacco, with overwhelming bipartisan support.

“Anybody who knows anything about criminal law knows that prosecutors have enormous power over deciding what cases their offices pursue. As Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Puccio of the Eastern District of NY is quoted with saying, ‘I could indict a ham sandwich,’” Codey said. “We need to know that a prosecutor is doing what is best for the people of our state. We should be sure that she or he isn’t making decisions based on what might help them in their future endeavors. This legislation will help to make sure that prosecutors are making choices based on the interest of the public and not their political careers.”

Opponents say the Senate Bill (No. 3242), which sits on Governor Phil Murphy’s desk, is an example of government overreach.

Codey also talks about his professional relationship with former Republican President Donald Trump when Codey served as governor.

“You know, he was never out of line with me because he knew I had power over him,” Codey said.

Codey had plenty to say about former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the man who is apparently the inspiration behind his proposed legislation. Axios reports friends say Christie is seriously considering a Presidential run in 2024.

“You know, Christine, it’s going to be interesting to see Mr. Christie out-Trump Trump,” Codey added. “The Trump people don’t like him. They felt like he used them. So where does he go? To the center of the spectrum of the Republican Party? I don’t know”?”

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  • Kathleen Demarest

    Christine Sloan has a friendliness and natural charm that makes this interview
    interesting and enjoyable.

    Sen. Richard Codey wants to know if Chris Christie will out Trump Trump.
    I don’t know; I only know he is working hard at it. Christie wears so many
    hats, it is hard to know. Starts an Institute for Political Civility and calls
    our President Biden a liar. Running around glad- handing people or acting
    arrogant or just plain annoying. Will do anything to get attention.
    Never true to himself, trying to please everyone, actually pleasing no one.

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