The Connection Between Gun Violence and White Supremacy on State of Affairs

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Steve Adubato talks with James J. Drylie, Ph.D., Executive Director, School of Criminal Justice & Public Administration, Kean University, about the connection between gun violence and white supremacy and ways to reduce gun violence across the state of New Jersey.

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One response to “The Connection Between Gun Violence and White Supremacy on State of Affairs”

  1. The connection among the white supremacist shootings in Christ Church- New Zealand, Dayton- Ohio, El Paso-Texas, or Charlottesville, was that all the individuals involved had gone to Ukraine and trained and fought in Eastern Ukraine with the Azov Battalion or other Fascist military formations, and then came back here and elsewhere to carry out their heinous deeds. What needs to be looked at is how the U.S. State Dept. our and other countries intelligence services were complicit back in 2014 and earlier in using neo-nazis to facilitate the violent overthrow of the legitimately elected Yanukovych Government. 40 Democratic Congressional Representatives have already sent a letter to Secretary of State Pompeo demanding that the Azov Battalion be declared a terrorist organization. This is not some homegrown phenomena as some are trying to claim.

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