Cryan Unleashes on McCormick and Devine


Senator Joseph Cryan released the following statement calling on law enforcement to immediately


investigate the latest charges levied against Lisa McCormick and her campaign manager, James Devine.

Lisa McCormick and James Devine have consistently proven themselves to be frauds willing to flout the system at every turn.  McCormick and Devine are among the worst our state has to offer, and they have been for years.

They will say or do anything to advance their fraudulent agenda at the expense of New Jersey voters and it is long past time for law enforcement to take action.

While we are passing legislation to make it easier for people to vote by expanding voter rights and increasing access, McCormick and Devine are falsifying signatures to get on the ballot.  This comes after they have repeatedly refused to disclose campaign contributions or distributions and attempted to steal an election last year by using their opponent’s name and campaign logo to send false claims from a domain name meant to deceive voters.

McCormick and Devine continue to ignore the law and show a complete disregard for voters without any repercussions.  They need to be stopped once and for all and it is clear the only way that will happen is through the intervention of law enforcement.

The integrity of our voting system deserves nothing less.”

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