Currie Calls on GOP Gubernatorial Candidates to Acknowledge Biden-Harris Victory


With the Presidential election now called for nearly a week by major media outlets and independent observers concluding that President Trump has no path to victory, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee is calling on Republican candidates and potential candidates for Governor like Jack Ciatarelli, Doug Steinhardt, and Hirsh Singh to publicly acknowledge that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the rightful President-elect and Vice President-elect. Continued silence by Republican leaders is deeply irresponsible and will only fan the flames of baseless conspiracies involving the electoral process, harming the public’s faith in our democracy, said the state party chairman.

“The people have spoken — Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have received the most votes of any presidential ticket in our nation’s history and are on a clear path to over 300 electoral votes, yet Republicans in New Jersey won’t acknowledge these simple facts and are instead encouraging deeply irresponsible and damaging conspiracy theories about our democratic system,” said Chairman John Currie. “If Jack Ciattaraelli, Doug Steinhardt, Hirsh Singh, or anyone else considering a run for Governor wants the trust of the people of our state, they need to tell us where they stand now. Are they on the side of democracy and a more than 200-year tradition of the peaceful transition of power, or will they continue to side with Donald Trump’s attacks on our democratic system of governance?”

Few Republican elected officials in the state have addressed the results of the 2020 election, maintaining either silence or full-throated support for Trump’s indefensible position with few exceptions.

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