DCCC Wants Kean’s Congressional Seat

Today, the DCCC revealed its initial Districts In Play for the 2024 cycle and named NJ-07, currently represented by Tom Kean Jr., as an offensive target district that will help Democrats win back the House majority in 2024.

Kean will be forced to defend a seat that President Biden won in 2020, after narrowly winning NJ-07 in 2022. Since being in Congress, Kean has voted in lock step with MAGA extremists and was one of the deciding votes that made Kevin McCarthy Speaker after 15 rounds of voting.

While Kean avoids defending his caucus, his votes, and positions on issues that are top of mind of New Jerseyans – for the next two years, the DCCC will hold him accountable for every vote, every word, and every action or inaction that threatens the wellbeing of New Jersey voters.

DCCC spokesperson Tommy Garcia: 
“Tom Kean Jr. has spent his short time in Congress enabling far-right extremists, defending Kevin McCarthy, attacking abortion rights, voting for out-of-touch culture war legislation, and supporting GOP efforts to toy with the full faith and credit of the United States in order to force a MAGA agenda. If Kean is unwilling to defend New Jersey values in Congress, voters will vote him out in 2024.”

The DCCC’s Districts In Play are competitive Republican-held or open districts across the nation that are critical battlegrounds as the DCCC works to unseat Republicans and win a Democratic House majority this cycle.

Additionally, this cycle will mark the first time ever that the DCCC has launched nominee fund pages, which allows grassroots donors to donate now to contribute to the eventual Democratic nominee in these Districts In Play.

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2 responses to “DCCC Wants Kean’s Congressional Seat”

  1. Kean Jr. is trying to perpetrate a scam about his so-called tele-town hall in which he claims “thousands” of constituents participated and expressed alignment with his congressional priorities. This came as quite a shock to the thousands of CD07 voters who have been clamoring for Kean Jr to stand up in front of voters, answer questions, and hear concerns, just like his predecessors Tom Malinowski and Leonard Lance . Kean’s office has offered conflicting explanations about how voters were notified about the so-called town hall. One staffer said notifications were sent via a robocall to 50,000 random constituents. Another said notice was provided via Kean’s newsletter and social media. His staff has yet to provide documentation about either of these claims and it’s clear that registered Democrats were deliberately excluded. This fits Kean Jr’s long-standing m.o. of refusing to meet with constituents. He never held a town hall in the 21 years he served in the state legislature.

    Kean Jr. as well as all other NJ elected officials and candidates also need to go on record about the outrageous statement issued by the NJ State Republican Committee on Trump’s indicment in NY. Voters have a right to know whether he’s bought in to the state party going full MAGA.

  2. Far-right extremists? LOL give me a break. He and the Republican Congress are doing the people’s work, supporting the issues that the majority of citizens support and want even here in NJ! Biden and the democrats have made a mess of things, and they’re now being corrected. Kean has surprised me, I didn’t think he’d be this good! Don’t let the woke left intimidate you Tom!

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