DeGroot to Sherrill: Let’s Debate

Republican Paul DeGroot wants Mikie Sherrill one-on-one in CD-11. At least three times in fact.

DeGroot this week challenged the incumbent Democrat to a minimum of three debates beginning in September.

DeGroot wants at least one debate in each of the three counties that make up the district – Essex, Passaic and Morris. He says he wants the debates to be in-person, not virtual.

A spokesperson for Sherrill’s campaign was not immediately available.

However, in her two previous campaigns, Sherrill and her then-GOP opponents debated more than once.
In 2020, there were at least two virtual debates between Sherrill and Rosemary Becchi, including one hosted by

And in 2018, Sherrill and Republican Jay Webber met three times in face-to-face debates. One was on television and the others were in Wayne and Ogdensburg, Sussex County.

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3 responses to “DeGroot to Sherrill: Let’s Debate”

  1. The district includes portions of Essex, Morris, Passaic and Sussex counties so he’s asking for 4 debates.

  2. Sherrill shouldn’t even be running. She has violated her Constitutional Oath of Office at least 4 times–once when she became an attorney, when she became an Ass. U.S. District Attorney, once when she joined the Navy, and once when she became Congresswoman. She has voted 100% with Nancy Pelosi, including and most importantly to INFRINGE upon the SECOND AMENDMENT with purported “common sense” & “reasonable” gun control laws. These are the buzzwords that are used by Communist Dictatorships to disarm the people. Commons sense and reasonable gun control resulted in total disarmament of the people in China, USSR, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, North Korea, Vietnam (after the US left in 1972), Cambodia, Afghanistan, etc. that caused the murders by these governments of over 250 MILLION innocent citizens. because they didn’t tow the party line. Many were starved to death under these regimes, but only after they were disarmed. In Australia, NZ & UK, those governments disarmed their people and forced them into lockdowns during the pandemic. When the people had enough they revolted with hundreds of thousands in the streets. Many were assaulted & killed by police and military because they were the only ones with guns. Also, violent gun crime and violent home invasions increased exponentially in those countries to the point that people have begun to buy firearms for SELF-DEFENSE on the “Black Market”.

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