Don’t Expect Murphy’s Approval Rating to Drop


Phil Murphy admitted he was bragging a bit.

It all had to do with how the COVID-19 data in New Jersey – new cases, hospitalizations, deaths and the rate of spread – is declining.

He said at one of his briefings last week that we have the right to brag, as this is happening because state residents are doing what they’re supposed to do in regard to social distancing and wearing masks.

There’s politics involved here to be sure. Republicans have criticized the governor over the last month for not opening the state faster.

There have been protests, defiance and even a lawsuit by the state Republican Committee.

So if the governor thinks they’re wrong, he’s going to say so.

The cornerstone of Murphy’s bragging was news late last week that the virus is spiking in some of the states – Florida, Texas and Arizona – that began opening in the beginning of May.

Some may consider it tacky to indirectly brag about the misfortune of others. Additionally, we’re still dealing with a largely unknown virus, so you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Still, Murphy’s overall point can’t be discounted. No one knows how the history of the 2020 pandemic is going to be written, but as of right now, New Jersey appears to be in good shape.

As we know, the state is reopening piecemeal.

State and county parks reopened in early May and soon to follow were curbside pick-up at non-essential businesses, graduation ceremonies in July and the staggered reopening of such things as child care centers, day camps, indoor religious services and coming Monday, oudoor dining.

Salons and barber shops are next on the list.

Critics say the governor’s reopening strategy is not really a plan.

Perhaps, but it’s tough to argue with the success we’re seeing now.

A key metric is that the infection-spread rate is now below one. That means a person with the virus will spread it to fewer than one other person, which essentially means spreading it to no one. This metric
suggests that two people with the virus theoretically will spread it to one other individual.

The governor has said that at its height in New Jersey, an individual with the virus had a good chance to infect five other people.

There have been some missteps, of course. The governor may have closed parks unnecessarily and far too many virus deaths have occurred in nursing homes. And there was also the flap over the governor violating his own social distancing rules by marching last Sunday in a protest.

Yet, the overall news is good. And it is happening in New Jersey as some other states are pausing in their reopening as cases rise.

It’s been more than a month since a variety of polls showed Murphy with an approval rating in the range of 70 percent. Polls are fickle things, so we really do not know what the next round of polling will say.

But considering the fact New Jersey is making definite progress against the virus, don’t expect the governor’s approval rating to dip all that much.

That would be something for him to brag about too.

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  • disqus_L3IbozhrUx

    This is yet another example of how public opinion is often the wrong opinion. Like Phil Murhpy, a large majority of the population are demonstrating that they cannot comprehend the concept of trade-offs. We learned at least a month ago that COVID-19 has a drastically lower mortality rate than initially anticipated (about 2-4 times more lethal than the flu), and that it is a minimal risk to those under 45 with no critical underlying conditions. Instead of using that “science” and information to substantiate more targeted lockdowns for the most vulnerable while allowing the rest of the State to re-open with protocols, Murphy may have done irreparable damage to the State economy. Murphy is also responsible for a large number of the COVID-19 deaths, as he initially sent infected elderly patients back to nursing homes.

    The virus is still highly dangerous to the elderly and those with serious health conditions, but there is no justification for the abuse of power and destruction of the NJ economy that Phil Murphy has imposed. Unfortunately, just playing the “moral superiority” card and taking large and visible actions is enough to get a politician high approval ratings. Public policies and governmental decisions cannot be judged by their intentions, but should rather be judged by outcomes. It is highly unlikely that we would have had more COVID deaths if Murphy took a more balanced approach to this pandemic, and all we are left with is a fiscal basket case of a State. So long as we keep judging policies and governmental actions based on intentions and feelings alone, we will continue down the road towards fiscal insanity and some time within the next decade (likely long after Murphy is gone) this state will be bankrupt or near bankrupt (the Feds will bail us out this time, and rightfully so to an extent, but we shouldn’t get anywhere near the amount Murphy is calling for) Get ready when everyone’s property taxes go up 50%, State income taxes go up on the middle class (because we cannot tax the rich a whole lot more without losing revenue), and we will see an immediate slash in critical public services including schools and police.

    • eaglestalon

      Lived in NJ 45 years and finally couldm not stand another moment. Best thing I ever did!

      Why the people of NJ keep voting in the tax and giveaway Liberals and then WHINE about it is beyond me. I know live in a Conservative State in a brand new home. My real estate taxrs are…..are you ready….$1400 PER YEAR!! Were this home to be in Bergen County the taxes would be about $12,000.

      I bought a gallon of milk this morning and paid $1.03! I bought eggs…jumbo size for $.08 each….that is $.96 cents per DOZEN!! And all this just 590 miles from NJ.

      I wish I has done this 30 years ago.

      Btw, how is it possible that the crooked Menendez is still allowed to hold public office?

  • Platano

    The writer is right, Gov. Murphy’s approval rating won’t drop. It is going to plunge all the way down. Makes no sense how a gym can’t be open, but a casino can. Next thing you know, it will be enforced that you must have a mask on while driving.

  • bob smith

    Ha this is more proof that NJ has the dumbest electorate in the country. We love being sheep here.

  • Darkdreams

    He is trash. Making NJ a sanctuary state and lot of other policies. He is a clown and a murderer. I have no idea who they surveyed in this “poll”

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