ELEC: Four Guv Candidates Qualify for More Matching Funds

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) this afternoon approved $365,012 in public matching funds for the 2017 gubernatorial primary campaigns of four candidates.


Ciattarelli, Jack
$ 47,458 $ 740,046
Guadagno, Kimberly
$121,116 $1,347,304
Johnson, James
$130,482 $1,411,178
Wisniewski, John
$ 65,956 $ 817,443
$365,012 $4,315,971
Under the Gubernatorial Public Financing program, which began in 1974, candidates who raise $430,000 or more can qualify for public matching funds. Primary candidates are eligible for up to $4 million in public funds. In exchange, other than a few exceptions, they must limit their total primary spending to $6.4 million.
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