‘Embarrassed’ CD-2 Republican Primary Candidate Endorses Democrat Van Drew


Robert Turkavage, a retired FBI agent who ran in the CD-2 Republican Primary, said he intends to vote for state Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1) in the CD-2 general election on Nov. 6th.

“I have just reviewed Mr. Grossman’s performance at the NAACP debate,” Turkavage told InsiderNJ. “In my opinion, Mr. Grossman is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. For the first time in my adult life, I will be voting for a Democrat- Jeff Van Drew.

“Country before party,” the Republican added.

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2 responses to “‘Embarrassed’ CD-2 Republican Primary Candidate Endorses Democrat Van Drew”

  1. Lol…. when I met Turk and his campaign manager, I found them to be arrogant and entitled. I even heard that he profanely swore at Mr. Grossman. In my opinion, Turk is no gentleman and Seth is one of the most honest, forthright, kind and knowledgeable man I’ve had the pleasure to know.
    Good job being a bitter sore loser Mr Turk.

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