Ex-Goldman Guy Pallotta Running for Mayor of Mahwah

Ex Goldman Sachs executive Frank Pallotta of Mahwah is going to put his hat in the ring and probably run for the unexpired term of the recalled mayor.

A long time resident of Mahwah and the married father of two children, Pallotta has worked in the mortgage industry for more than 20 years, and was instrumental in assembling and leading mortgage teams at some of the largest Investment Banks on Wall St.

He began his career with Goldman Sachs covering the country’s largest mortgage banks. He moved to DLJ in 1996 and in 1998 helped them launch a new mortgage origination franchise. In 2000, Credit Suisse acquired DLJ and Frank was chosen to head a mortgage sales effort and help expand the business to include a correspondent conduit sales team that covered nearly 200 banks.

In 2003, he hired on at Morgan Stanley to build a business that included the origination of residential assets and was a founding member of a global team that grew to more than 2,000. After leaving Morgan Stanley, he helped launch specialty finance company, Loan Value Group, LLC of Rumson.

In 2008, he founded Steel Curtain Capital Group a mortgage advisory and consumer marketing firm. Frank has recently formed SC Canadian Mortgage Group, a specialty finance company focused on aggregating and securitizing Canadian residential assets.

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