FBI at the Home of Atlantic City Mayor Gilliam

Multiple elected officials and other well placed sources have confirmed to Harry Hurley that multiple FBI Agents have arrived to the home of Atlantic City Mayor Frank M. Gilliam Jr.

Hurley reports via Facebook:

‘A quote has been shared with me that “It’s going to be a long day.”

A well placed source just shared that the FBI is “executing a search warrant.”

I have confirmed that the FBI is on official business at Gilliam’s home.

Multiple sources have confirmed 10-15 FBI Agents are involved on-site at Gilliam’s home.’

For some deep background on Atlantic City, read these Insider NJ articles by Alex Zdan: Atlantic City Confidential and Heavy The Boardwalk Crown: How Atlantic City’s Frank Gilliam Went From Elected To Imperiled.

The Press of Atlantic City reports on the FBI search here., and subsequently reported that after the agents searched Gilliam’s home, he left without comment.  Press of AC reporter David Danzis tweeted out a video of the scene:



Photo Credit: Harry Hurley
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