Fiocchi Blasts Singh On Failure To File Financial Disclosure; Singh Campaign Fires Back

CD2 GOP primary candidate former Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi called on candidate Hirsh Singh to “come clean on his personal finances” after missing the deadline to file the financial disclosure report.  

“My campaign checked the website of the Clerk of the House this morning and there is still no financial disclosure from Hirsh Singh,” Fiocchi said. “It’s a simple task, his failure to file makes it appear he has something to hide, especially considering he claims the ability to self-fund, yet relied on a loan from his father to finance his gubernatorial campaign.”

“Borderline misogynistic social media posts that were found by a reporter and are easily found on a Democratic website, support of corporate bailouts and his May 7, 2017 tweet touting his ‘pro-marijuana legalization and criminal justice reform’ are all bad enough,” Fiocchi said. “Adding failure to file a simple financial disclosure form is just more ammunition for the Democrats and one more example of why Hirsh Singh cannot be our Party’s nominee heading into November.”

Singh campaign spokesman Michael Byrne responded to Fiocchi’s statement, saying “Sam’s comments are amusing considering he hasn’t even raised enough money to warrant an FEC report.  In fact, his fundraising is so anemic, the little postcard he sent out recently was reportedly paid for by someone else.  Hardly someone who can muster a real campaign against Van Drew / Norcross / DCCC.”

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