Fonseca Condemns Racist Mailer, Denies Romano Campaign Involved

Romano and Fonseca

Regarding a hateful flyer that cropped up on Hoboken windshields last night, veteran operative Pablo Fonseca told InsiderNJ that neither he nor anyone on his team was responsible for it, and pointed to a condemnatory Facebook message issued by his mayoral candidate, Anthony Romano.

“Our campaign had absolutely nothing to do with that,” Fonseca told InsiderNJ.

“It’s getting really ugly at game time,” he added.

It all started when Ray Ferraioli – who backs Mike DeFusco for Mayor – and Romano himself exchanged acrimonious words at a bar when the contest first began, and now, behind the scenes, DeFusco partisans are blaming the Romano camp, and the Romano camp is blaming DeFusco, for the racist flyer as the city lurches toward Election Day.





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