Gov. Phil Murphy Discusses COVID-19, Trump, & Vote-by-Mail on One-on-One with Steve Adubato

Recorded on 9/22/2020, Steve Adubato is joined by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D), to discuss the lessons he has learned while leading in a pandemic, the impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey, and plans for reopening businesses in the state. Steve and Governor Murphy also delve into the 2020 election, vote-by-mail in NJ, and President Trump’s leadership throughout the public health crisis.


Gov. Murphy says as a leader during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was important to find the balance between two things that seem at odds with each other. He says, “Being brutally honest about what the odds are, what the facts are, but at the same time, giving a realistic path forward, giving hope. Not just hope that is unfounded, but if we do this, the following can happen.” He says he wishes we all knew earlier that COVID-19 was in our midst so we could have been better prepared for what’s to come. In regards to COVID-19’s impact on nursing homes, he adds that no part of our society paid a bigger price than long term care.


Gov. Murphy says sticking to the basics of wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, washing hands, getting tested, and staying home is the best way for our state to handle COVID-19 as the colder months set in.


In regards to child care, Gov. Murphy is dedicating $250 million of CARES Act funding toward child care so that daycare centers can re-open, there is money to subsidize the centers’ operations at limited capacity, and to provide financial support to families at a certain income level who cannot afford child care. He says, “It’s part of the notion that the hip bone is connected to the thighbone here, you can’t make a decision on schools or back to work, or essential work, and not have a viable, vibrant daycare plan as well.”

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