Here’s What’s On Tap Under The Gold Dome On Thursday

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Here’s what’s on tap under the Gold Dome on Thursday (June 13th):


SENATE QUORUM 12:00 PM Senate Chambers

Committees at the Call of the Senate President


Senate Commerce Meeting

Chair: Sen. Pou, Nellie

The Meeting has been Canceled.


Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Meeting 11:00 AM Committee Room 7,

2nd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Beach, James

S3760 [Ruiz, M. Teresa/Singleton, Troy], Shared svc. agreements-concerns

S3761 [Sweeney, Stephen M./Cardinale, Gerald+1], Co. and Mun. Study


S3762 [Sweeney, Stephen M./O’Scanlon, Declan J.+1], Real prop.-concerns assessment

S3763 [Addiego, Dawn Marie/Bateman, Christopher], Joint meetings-regional

svc. agencies

S3764 [Andrzejczak, Bob/Bucco, Anthony R.+1], Co.-appoint shared svc. coordinators

S3765 [Singleton, Troy/Bucco, Anthony R.], Office of Loc. Govt. Efficiency-estab.

S3767 [Sarlo, Paul A./Thompson, Samuel D.+1], Co/mun annual finan statements-concerns

S3768 [Singleton, Troy/Bateman, Christopher+1], Loc. Govt-concerns shared

svc agreements

S3769 [Madden, Fred H./O’Scanlon, Declan J.], Police, co.-prov. police svcs. to mun.

S3824 [Turner, Shirley K.], Surplus prop., City of Trenton-sell

SCR173 [Weinberg, Loretta], Games of chance-proceeds benefit org.

Pending Referral:

S3883 [Singleton, Troy], Mun. elections, cert.-modifies procedure


ASSEMBLY QUORUM 1:00 PM Assembly Chambers

Committees at the Call of the Speaker


Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Meeting 1:00 PM Committee Room 15, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Houghtaling, Eric

A4477 [McKeon, John F./Pinkin, Nancy J.+1], CBT-concerns dedication of rev.

A4491 [Houghtaling, Eric], Farm workers housing proj-allocate funds

A5432 [Milam, Matthew W./Land, R. Bruce], Menhaden purse seine fishery-concerns

A5534 [Armato, John/Milam, Matthew W.+3], Farm bldgs.-loc. fire safety standards

A5535 [Houghtaling, Eric/Burzichelli, John J.+3], Farm bldgs.-concerns code req.

A5536 [Milam, Matthew W./Houghtaling, Eric], Fire code enforcement activity-concerns

S2920 [Smith, Bob/Bateman, Christopher+1], CBT rev.-estab. funding allocations


Assembly Appropriations Meeting 1:00 PM

Committee Room 11, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Burzichelli, John J.

A1477 [Chaparro, Annette/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie+5], Zackhary’s Law-Hit & Run Advisory Prog.

A1582 [Conaway, Herb/Moriarty, Paul D.+6], Dietitian/Nutritionist Lic. Act

A1741 [Quijano, Annette/Benson, Daniel R.+4], Thomas P. Canzanella First Resp

Prot Act

A1893 [Muoio, Elizabeth Maher/Caride, Marlene+8], Deaf-concerns early language develop.

A1896 [Benson, Daniel R./Quijano, Annette+8], Deaf Student’s Bill of Rights-estab.

A3040 [Vainieri Huttle, Valerie/Timberlake, Britnee N.+1], Spinal muscular atrophy-screen newborns

A3848 [Lagana, Joseph A./Calabrese, Clinton], Correction officers-req. police training

A4218 [Quijano, Annette/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie+4], Human Trafficking Comm.;$100K

A4448 [Swain, Lisa/Downey, Joann+2], Cyber-harassment-expands

A4463 [Freiman, Roy/Egan, Joseph V.+6], Electronic Permit Processing Review Sys.

A4493 [Pinkin, Nancy J./Conaway, Herb], Sexually transmitted disease-treatment

A4569 [Downey, Joann/Houghtaling, Eric+1], Medicaid, NJ Family care-improved sys

A4619 [Pintor Marin, Eliana], SHBP, SEHBP-creates subaccounts

A4801 [Greenwald, Louis D./Pintor Marin, Eliana+11], Viol. Intervention Prog.-estab.

A4802 [Greenwald, Louis D./Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina+4], Viol. intervention progs.-trauma ctr.

A4803 [Greenwald, Louis D./Johnson, Gordon M.+4], Victim. cert crimes-concerns billing

A4805 [Greenwald, Louis D./Johnson, Gordon M.+6], Victim counseling svc-concern trauma ctr

A4806 [Greenwald, Louis D./Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina+4], Hosp-Based Viol Intervention Prog-estab

A5037 [Pintor Marin, Eliana/Speight, Shanique+2], Drugs, counterfeit-enhance penal.

A5047 [Murphy, Carol A.+1], Law Enforcement Addiction Intervention

A5161 [Murphy, Carol A./Benson, Daniel R.], 21 Century Integrated Digital Experience

A5311 [Armato, John/Zwicker, Andrew], SNAP-concerns income elig.

A5314 [Zwicker, Andrew/Milam, Matthew W.+3], Social isolation-DHS study

A5375 [Burzichelli, John J.+1], TPAF reenrollment-concerns retired memb.

A5381 [Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina/Verrelli, Anthony S.], Surplus prop., City of


A5445 [Swain, Lisa/Tully, P. Christopher+3], Illegal substances seized-detect fentanyl

A5446 [Land, R. Bruce/Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina+6], Opioid deaths-concerns reporting

A5451 [Freiman, Roy/Danielsen, Joe+1], Pregnant Woman-estab. pub. awareness

A5462 [Milam, Matthew W./Speight, Shanique+2], Infra. Bank-modifies powers and duties

A5499 [Conaway, Herb/McKeon, John F.+4], Health insur.-concerns

A5500 [Greenwald, Louis D./Lopez, Yvonne+1], Health insur., cert. rate incr.-concerns

A5501 [McKeon, John F./Vainieri Huttle, Valerie+4], Health insur dependent coverage-concerns

A5502 [Sumter, Shavonda E./Verrelli, Anthony S.], Small Emp. Health Benf. Prog.-concerns

A5503 [Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina/Swain, Lisa+1], Individ. Health Coverage Prog-enrollment

A5504 [Benson, Daniel R./Schaer, Gary S.], Health insur. plans-concerns

A5505 [Quijano, Annette/Pinkin, Nancy J.], Health benf plan-concerns rating factors

A5506 [Tully, P. Christopher/Danielsen, Joe], Health benf. plans-repeals statute

A5508 [Zwicker, Andrew/Murphy, Carol A.+2], Contraceptive-health benf. coverage

A5509 [Mosquera, Gabriela M./Timberlake, Britnee N.+5], Breastfeeding-req.

benf. coverage

A5510 [McKeon, John F./DeAngelo, Wayne P.+3], Discrimination-expands

A5552 [Wimberly, Benjie E./Sumter, Shavonda E.], Manuf. fac., cert.-energy

related taxes

S499 [Vitale, Joseph F./Madden, Fred H.], Medicaid, NJ Family care-improved sys

S716 [Greenstein, Linda R./Bateman, Christopher+1], Thomas P. Canzanella First Resp Prot Act

S785 [Sarlo, Paul A./Lagana, Joseph A.+3], Correction officers-req. police training

S2044 [Turner, Shirley K./Ruiz, M. Teresa+4], Deaf Student’s Bill of Rights-estab.

S2045 [Turner, Shirley K./Ruiz, M. Teresa+3], Deaf-concerns early language develop.

S2691 [Kean, Thomas H./Cunningham, Sandra B.+5], Human Trafficking Comm.;$100K

S3042 [Sarlo, Paul A./Oroho, Steven V.+1], SHBP, SEHBP-creates subaccounts

Pending Referral:

A3670 [Benson, Daniel R./Giblin, Thomas P.+1], Stroke ready hosp., acute-desig.

A3755 [Armato, John/Mazzeo, Vincent], Drug court elig, special probation-estab

A4652 [Armato, John/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie+1], treatment prog completion-

reduce fines

A5343 [Pintor Marin, Eliana/Freiman, Roy], Econ. devel. programs-extend deadlines

A5404 [Murphy, Carol A./Conaway, Herb], Mun. elections, cert.-modifies procedure

A5450 [Burzichelli, John J./Schaer, Gary S.+6], Bus. personal prop-concerns

loc taxation

A5536 [Milam, Matthew W./Houghtaling, Eric], Fire code enforcement activity-concerns


Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Meeting

10:00 AM Committee Room 15, 4th Floor,

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Johnson, Gordon M.

A5343 [Pintor Marin, Eliana/Freiman, Roy], Econ. devel. programs-extend deadlines

For Discussion Only:

A4730 [Pintor Marin, Eliana], Grow NJ Asst. Prog.-changes requirements


Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Meeting 10:00 AM Committee Room 16, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. McKeon, John F.

A1833 [Lampitt, Pamela R./Jimenez, Angelica M.+5], Juv. depression screenings-

benf coverage

A4503 [Vainieri Huttle, Valerie], Contraceptives-health insur req to cover

A5265 [Conaway, Herb], Medicare suppl. coverge-revise law

A5363 [Burzichelli, John J./Benson, Daniel R.+2], Health benf. plans-concerns


Assembly Judiciary Meeting 10:00 AM

Committee Room 11, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asw. Quijano, Annette

A1016 [Johnson, Gordon M./Vainieri Huttle, Valerie+6], Handguns, personalized-

sell by retailers

A3696 [Downey, Joann/Houghtaling, Eric+1], Firearms-safe storage req.

A3896 [Downey, Joann/Houghtaling, Eric], Suicide prev. training-firearm dealers

A4449 [Tully, P Christopher/Swain, Lisa], Firearm-estab. crime of soliciting

A5213 [Lopez, Yvonne/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie], Child support arrearages-concerns

A5452 [Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina/Johnson, Gordon M.+1], Firearm purch id card-valid for four yrs

A5453 [Lopez, Yvonne/Greenwald, Louis D.], Firearms, disqual. person-crim. penal.

A5454 [Greenwald, Louis D./Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina], Weapons purch. convicted person-crime

A5455 [Greenwald, Louis D./Johnson, Gordon M.], Handgun ammunition-reg. sale


Assembly Law and Public Safety Meeting 1:00 PM

Committee Room 13, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Taliaferro, Adam J.

A2428 [Benson, Daniel R./Mukherji, Raj+2], Co corrections officers-estab. comp prog

A4553 [Johnson, Gordon M./Freiman, Roy], Police-concerns civil immunity

A5300 [Conaway, Herb/Zwicker, Andrew], Facial recognition sys.-arrange testing

A5386 [Speight, Shanique/Pintor Marin, Eliana+1], VCCO grant pilot prog.-estab.

A5387 [Speight, Shanique/Pintor Marin, Eliana+1], Victim compensation-estab. presumption

A5388 [Speight, Shanique/Pintor Marin, Eliana], Police crime victim training-req.

A5389 [Speight, Shanique/Pintor Marin, Eliana], Crime Victim Comp Review Bd-

req training

A5520 [Houghtaling, Eric/Downey, Joann], Caller id info.-proh. manipulation

Pending Referral:

A1478 [Chaparro, Annette/Gusciora, Reed], Liquor lic.-permits cert. theaters

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  • 1Prop

    More useless spending. More burdensome and costly regulations. More “feel good” nonsense. Ridiculous. They even want to create a bureaucracy to look at “shared services.” In the 1990s they were called “interlocal agreements” which towns and schools have been doing – where practical and reasonable for over 2 decades. Where have they been? I guess they have more hacks to hire.

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