‘I Want to Rock and Roll All Night, and (Republican) Party Everyday’

Nancy Pelosi is on drums; Joe Biden is lead guitar.  A bunch of old guys are dancing around – sort of.

All this is brought to you by “Far Left Records.”  Or actually, Bob Healey.

He is the Republican candidate challenging Andy Kim in CD-3 and also a one-time punk rocker. So a TV ad hearkening back to his musical days may not be all that odd.

The parody is entitled “Washington is a madhouse.”

And the seemingly well heeled politicos strutting about are “dancing along to an insane tune,” Healey says in the narrative.  This is a tune that has brought the country rising inflation among other ills.

Healey, who was once lead singer for a group called The Ghouls, says his mosh pit days may be behind him, but that he still knows how to “throw an elbow” and get things done. The elbow reference sounds more like a basketball player battling for a rebound under the boards, but no matter.

Getting things done to Healey means cutting spending to control inflation, increasing energy production and supporting law enforcement.

The ad is creative, but also routine in that it essentially covers what Republicans want the midterms to be about – Biden, Pelosi and inflation.

It does not confront women’s rights, or more specifically, abortion, which is what Democrats want the midterms to be about.

And that, of course, is the unknown. Just how much of a boost will the overturning of Roe v. Wade by a conservative Supreme Court give Democrats on Nov. 8?

One thing not in dispute is that CD-3 has become more Democratic after redistricting.

By losing portions of normally Republican Ocean County, Democrats now have a voter registration lead of about 62,000 in a district that is now centered in Burlington County.

Healey, whose family owns Viking Yacht company, got to where he is today by winning a rather unusual primary.

How unusual?

Well, Healey’s opponent, Ian Smith, served time in prison for driving drunk and causing a fatal accident. Undaunted, Smith at one point in the primary campaign criticized Healey, the old punk rocker, for some of his distasteful song lyrics.

That prompted Healey to utter this memorable line in a debate:

“I may have sung in my past about killing someone, Ian actually did kill someone.”

By comparison, the campaign against Kim must seem pretty vanilla.

In truth, Kim, who was elected to the House in 2018, comes across as a pretty vanilla guy. He’s not flashy.

For instance, his campaign’s social media page is seemingly devoid of attacks on Healey. Instead, it features photos of Kim doing what congressmen often do – visit fairs, restaurants and meet with various groups of people.

A recent Kim TV ad describes him as a “fighter” who is taking on corruption and corporate price gouging. Kim is pictured in a restaurant dining with his family. All very wholesome.

There is no band.

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