Insider NJ Quiz: Presidential Connections in New Jersey

See how well you know presidential history and trivia in New Jersey.



George Washington and the Revolutionary Army first crossed the Delaware River to battle against whom and in which NJ town?

Washington Crossing the Delaware, Emanuel Letze, MOMA

Washington crossed the Delaware River into New Jersey several times to lead battles in Trenton, Princeton, and Morristown, where he often stayed.

President James Madison attended which New Jersey institution (and who was his college roommate)?

In 1769 Madison enrolled in the College of New Jersey, now Princeton University, which named the "Madison Medal" after the fourth president.

What New Jersey battle did President James Monroe fight in during the Revolutionary War and where was he shot?

President Monroe's only Revolutionary War battle was the Battle of Trenton as he was shot in the shoulder and spent the next three months recuperating.

What words did Abraham Lincoln pen in a letter to the people of Newark in 1861?

Referring to Newark in his letter as "New Ark", President Lincoln told the state GOP chairman (Thomas Dudley) that he would be unable to do more than a momentary bow on his way to Washington D.C., during a snowstorm on a train, as 25,000 residents lined up to see the incoming President.

On that same train trip, who greeted Lincoln first when he stopped in Trenton to address the New Jersey Legislature?

According to the New York Times, Lincoln was greeted by Mayor Mills, who introduced the incoming president to the Common Council and then road in carriages to the Statehouse.

What city did President Lincoln's funeral train stop in and for how long?

Lincoln's funeral train pulled into the Chestnut station in Newark on April 24th at 9AM and started to leave at 9:20am onward to Springfield.

In which New Jersey shore town did President Grant vacation?

President Grant and his family had a cottage in Elberon, an unincorporated community within Long Branch.

President Grover Cleveland was born and buried in which New Jersey towns?

President Cleveland is buried at Princeton Cemetery in Princeton.

In what New Jersey town did President James A. Garfield succumb to his injuries after being shot?

President Garfield was shot while waiting to board a train from DC to Long Branch, and was subsequently still brought there in the hopes that the ocean air and surroundings would help him heal (he died 12 days later). The Garfield Tea House was built from the railroad tracks that transported Garfield to Long Branch.

At President McKinley's urging, who did Vice President and Jersey native Garret Hobart invite to his summer home in Long Branch and for what reason?

Alger submitted his resignation to McKinley after his return to DC. Hobart died in 1899; had he survived he would have been the likely VP candidate once again in 1900 and would have become president after McKinley was assassinated.

After President Nixon's resignation, he eventually moved to New Jersey and lived in which two towns?

The former President said he wanted to be closer to his children and grandchildren when he moved to New Jersey.

When President Nixon's New Jersey house was sold, which NJ developer bought it?

NY Times

Nixon's former house was bought in 2007; it had fallen into major disrepair and was full of mold. When Nixon and his wife Pat lived there, it was described as always pristine.

President Trump's Bedminster golf course and family cottage is also approved by the town land-use board for what purpose?

in 2013, the township land-use board approved a request for a Trump family cemetery including ten burial plots, according to and the Washington Post.

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