The InsiderNJ Gubernatorial Election Quiz (2013 edition)

As the 2016 gubernatorial election season gets into full swing,  test your knowledge (and memory) of the 2013 race between Chris Christie and Barbaro Buono.


In 2013, Governor Chris Christie won re-election with what percentage of the vote?

Democrat Barbara Buono received 38% of the vote.

Who also ran in the 2013 GOP gubernatorial primary against Christie?

Seth Grossman, a former Atlantic City Councilman, received 11% of the primary vote to Christie's 88%.

In January 2013, a Quinnipiac poll found which candidate to have the most support in a hypothetical Democratic primary?


In a poll conducted from Jan. 15-21 2013, Sen. Codey garnered 28% with Buono and Sweeney each at 10%, and 48% undecided

Of these Democratic elected officials, which did not cross party lines to endorse incumbent Christie?

Mayor Frank Minor of Logan Tonwship, who considered a gubernatorial run, endorsed Barbaro Buono

Which of these newspapers endorsed Governor Christie?

All of the above endorsed him.

Which actress stumped in support for Barbaro Buono on the campaign trail?

Washington is related to Buono's running mate, Milly Silva.

Which counties did Barbaro Buono win?

Barabaro Buono won Essex (67%-61%) and Hudson (54%-43%)

Which county did the Christie ticket win their largest margin?

He won Ocean County 75% to 25%.

Which county did the Christie ticket win their lowest margin?

They won Union County with almost 51%, while Mercer was the second closest with 52%.

Which line was not said by Chris Christie in his election night victory speech?


This line was from Christie's presidential announcement in Livingston in 2015.

Which line wasn't said by Barbara Buono in her concession speech on election night?


Buono said this line at a final October debate performance.

What percentage of voters cast their ballots in the 2013 gubernatorial election?

According to analysts and voting data, the voter turnout in 2013 was the lowest ever for a gubernatorial election at 39.6%.

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