InsiderNJ Interview with NJ Senator Michael Testa

Senator Mike Testa and InsiderNJ columnist Jay Lassiter.

My 2021 New Year’s resolution was to do more video with compelling figures in New Jersey politics. That effort kicks off with our chat with NJ Senator Michael Testa (R-Vineland) who chaired Donald Trump’s NJ campaign. I’ll get the hang of this with some more practice.

There was a surprising amount of tennis talk sprinkled throughout a wide-ranging chat that covered cannabis, LGBTQ rights, Scalia and Ginsburg, and also the best advise George Norcross ever gave me!




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One response to “InsiderNJ Interview with NJ Senator Michael Testa”

    YES, you will improve with more experience.
    I listened to an earlier tape, definite improvement.
    Voice is extremely important to hold interest of listeners.
    In this interview both of you were loud and clear.
    Everyone has a busy life, keep the interview to 12, 15,
    never more than 20 minutes.
    When listening, I want to be informed or entertained.
    I am not interested in tennis,…nutrition..Yes, environmental racism…Yes.
    BUT, hopefully, I will not be the only person listening.
    I love TED talks …listen to a few to understand how well the participants speak.
    Wishing you outstanding success, Jay Lassiter.

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