INSIDERNJ Poll: Who is the Best Democratic Candidate to Run Against Donald J. Trump in 2020?

INSIDERNJ Poll: Who is the Best Democratic Candidate to Run Against Donald J. Trump in 2020?

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  • Dave

    hard to choose between Bernie and Tusli. Put them on the same ticket.

    • Joe Cox


      • Jerri Uhl

        Tulsi/Bernie2020 Tulsi/Nina2024

        • John

          Yes! Nina should be on this. I love Tulsi and Bernie, but no one gets me fired up like Nina.

          Maybe Nina Turner/Killer Mike?

    • Judy DeHoff

      Tulsi doesn’t have the experience needed. Make her Secretary of State, she would make a great one.

      • Dave

        the sooner people get the idea out of their head that being a leader requires experience rather than strength of character, the sooner we will start having a decent President.

      • Ray

        She currently has 16 years as a State Representative, Honolulu City Council member, Legislative Aide, her military and National Guard Service, Vice chair of the DNC, and 3 term congresswoman all after creating an environmental nonprofit as a teenager.

    • linda parker

      Bernie has put in the commitment to the people. He has the name, but will NOT be allowed on the Dems ticket as the DNC Will NOT let him. Tulsi might be good for the VP slot, but Bernie doesn’t need the support of the DNC nor does he need to run on the DEMS ticket. Neither He nor Tulsi will be allowed into the debates, but Bernie will NOT need the debates to get the votes. My vote, therefore, is Bernie Sanders.

  • Frank M

    Bernie and Tulsi on the same ticket. Who the f#*k could stand behind the corrupt loser HRC. Must be a joke vote.

  • Chris Doyle

    Tulsi / Bernie!

  • yrulaughing418

    Why isn’t Elizabeth Warren included here?
    Would still prefer Tulsi, but Warren is a more well-known figure, very likely to run, and a notable omission

    • DaveyD

      Good point. I think Tulsi is more likely to run for Senate in 2018
      than president in 2020. I hope she challenges Mazie Hirono in the

      • yrulaughing418

        You may be right, though I think Trump’s victory sort of upended the conventional wisdom that only senators and governors can win party nominations and/or become president.

        Even without being elected to the Senate first, Tulsi would look good next to Trump.
        -she’s a veteran with 18 years of experience in public office
        -he’s a draft-dodger who had zero political experience before being elected and spent a third of his presidency golfing/vacationing

  • Timothy Harvey

    I think a Sanders/Gabbard ticket would be a sure winner!

  • FridaysChild

    Hard to fathom people still think Hillary is a thing.

  • Todd Johnson

    Hilarious, that dumbass zuckerburg can’t even make his code with right with billions of dollars and a pile of halfwit coders, and Oprah? Wtf is this world coming to, she’s more unqualified than trump.

    • Airedale58

      Oprah could not possibly be more unqualified than Trump.

      • Airedale58

        Although just as ridiculous.

        • Todd Johnson

          Are you sure? List one area she would be more qualified. Bet ya can’t. Lol

      • John

        In Oprah’s defense, she has said that she isn’t running for political office.

  • lafingwaters

    I chose Tulsi over Bernie only because he will be 78 in 2020. That’s getting up there and he may be too old to take on the high pressure demands of campaigning and the presidency. That’s really sad though. So I think Tulsi is our next best option

    • Jake Bonnett

      This is true, but if say he were to die in office…we’d have Tulsi to back him up and continue his vision. Sounds like a good contingency plan to me!

      • lafingwaters

        True but the campaign process is very strenuous and stressful and maybe not something a 78 year old person could ask of himself? I’d love to be able to say President Bernie Sanders though

        • Judy DeHoff

          He has earned it.

        • Sandra

          No, Bernie seemed to thrive on being on the campaign trail and meeting citizens all over the country. The much younger reporters who were covering him complained about the pace he kept up. When he can outrun much younger people, I think he proves he is still up for it.

    • Tiffany Hanna

      Bernie is only 4 years older than trump!

      • Mammalamma

        Bernie’s in better shape and hands down, he has better hair.

      • lafingwaters

        Yes I am aware of that. Hopefully Trump will be too old to hold up to the pressures of campaigning and the job itself by then.

    • Judy DeHoff

      Jimmy Carter is in his nineties and still sharp as a tack.

    • HerrinSchadenfreude

      I choose Tulsi over Bernie because one of them is on the right side of history regarding the illegal Syrian attack and Israeli apartheid and the other one sounds like Mayor Quimby.

  • SarahRose123

    Tusli would be such a breath of fresh air! Plus she is smart and steady. I would love to see her run in 2020!

  • Kate B.

    Is there some reason why a bunch of irrelevant people made the list and Elizabeth Warren, who is likely to run, didn’t? Bernie is my first choice, and fuck all of you pushing the right’s talking points for them by saying he’s too old. We said that about Nader and McCain, and they’re still kicking. JFK was in his 40s when he died in office. Anyone could die in office, regardless of age. Besides, what do you think VPs are for?

    Anyway. First choice Bernie, second Elizabeth, third Tulsi.

    • JustinBailey

      Because Elizabeth Warren sold out the progressive movement. She wasn’t there for the Sanders Campaign when it mattered. She shilled for Hillary as it became apparent that Sanders couldn’t win due to the DNC’s meddling in the primary. Those who were paying attention during the primary will not forget that she was silent on the issues of voter suppression and election fraud.

    • DaveyD

      Perhaps because Warren said not that long ago that she is not planning on running. Of course I am not sure if anyone has officially announced their candidacy at this point and anyone could change their mind in the next few years, especially once they start doing national polls.

  • Jonathan Spector

    How is Trump going to last four years and run for reelection?

    • John

      The Democrats will put forth Clinton again…or MacAuliffe or Booker or some other corporate Dem who will make it easy for Trump.

  • Just Dee

    What kind of idiots are voting for Clinton? Seriously!

  • David Grant

    What about Pete Buttigieg?

  • So in less than 8 hours, Kirsten Gillebrand gained over 2000 votes…

    • JustinBailey

      Fuckin’ right? Glad to see that the people have spoken. Tulsi Gabbard is the clear winner here.

  • Hillary Clinton light is not going to win… anything… -_-

  • DaveyD

    Tulsi Gabbard is my first choice. Bernie would be my second (I think Tulsi is more consistently anti-war but I still like Bernie as he consistently supports the working class / middle class). I will never support neoliberals like Cory Booker or Kirsten Gillibrand.

    • John

      Agreed 100%!

  • Jerri Uhl

    Tulsi/Bernie 2020…. Tulsi/Nina 2024

  • OK, Bernie is my first choice, if he chooses to run again, but why doesn’t the poll give you space for a write-in candidate?
    Here’s my recycled contribution to his campaign if he does run:

  • Johnny Saint-Lethal

    @Nina Turner 2020

    • John

      She is awesome!

  • Peter

    Gillibrand just happened to get over 2000 votes, really?

  • Michael Bullard

    Sanders/Gabbard! Same ticket!

  • HenryJ

    None of the above. Someone new will rise up.

  • Judy DeHoff

    And just as important, fill the House and Senate with progressives.

  • Eric

    Tulsi’s anti-Muslim and anti-gay positions are non-starters for me.

    • Peter

      Actually, Tulsi is not anti-Muslim. She is also not anti-gay. It’s true she was against same-sex marriage in the past, but changed her tune over time. Her time in Iraq actually changed her mind. I, too, was against gay rights and even voted for California Prop 8 in 2008 to define marriage as between one man and one woman. I eventually learned firsthand how much these laws hurt people I loved. So, you’re misguided on your assessment of Tulsi. Let me know what you think!

      • Eric

        That’s cool that your position changed from voting against to support. It’s quite different when you are a state rep. protesting against civil unions (not even gay marriage, but its precursor, civil unions.)

        She was against Syrian refugees before Trump. And she backs Modi and his anti-Muslim BJP party. So it appears my assessment is not as misguided as some would think.

        • Peter

          As a state rep, she worked to undo her past mistakes in opposing civil unions. She has been consistent on this and wider equality issues in the House since then. Her transformation and support is genuine and not token. I wish she could have been one of the minority crowd who were all for it from the get-go. Oh well.

          Are we referring to background checking (not banning) Syrian refugees after the 2015 Paris attacks? Doesn’t sound terrible to me. She did issue two statements in January and March condemning Trump’s refugee ban, so I know where her heart is.

          The following link does a better job
          of clarifying the BPJ’s response
          to radicals (and not a determined anti-Islamic crusade)

  • Jeffrey Ferguson

    I agree with the great majority of voters here, Tulsi/Bernie 2020 dream ticket!

  • Rusty Shakleford

    Just so everyone’s aware: After witnessing the fraud of Kirsten in this poll, I voted 9000+ times to skew the results. When I was finished, I lit up a Cuban Rejects cigar — so very proud of my work.
    Like a DNC party Boss Tweed in the back room smoking a cigar, ignoring the will of the people.
    I feel dirty.

  • People insist in first-past-the-post voting, like these polls. Promote ranked choice voting!

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