INSIDERNJ Poll: Whom Should Kim Guadagno Select as Her Running Mate?


INSIDERNJ Poll: Who Should Kim Guadagno Pick for Her Running Mate?

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4 responses to “INSIDERNJ Poll: Whom Should Kim Guadagno Select as Her Running Mate?”

  1. Looks like Carlos Medina has statewide support. He would be a great pick for LG for either party!

  2. When asked to vote I voted I don’t know. Then I read some and voted for the person I felt was best. Odd thing is Medina and Santana were neck and neck at just over 970 with Rendo leading at 2,700 or so. On Thursday the 20th Rendo had 4,750 and Medina started to get votes at a pace of over 300 votes 15 minutes for hours. He went from just 998 votes to 11,400 in a few hours. I was intrigued to the point I kept checking but since Friday the 21th everything has gone back to normal. Medina maybe ahead but something doesn’t smell right in the kitchen.

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