INSIDERNJ POLL: Who Do You Prefer for the U.S. Senate Seat?

Carl Golden, senior contributing analyst with the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University, argues that despite continual mass shooting incidents in the U.S., gun rights absolutists will win Congress once more, and either no or purely cosmetic action will take place.

INSIDERNJ: Whom Do You Prefer for the U.S. Senate Seat?

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  • Sparky

    Are there only two options?

    • Louis Perrotta III

      Murray Sabrin is the Libertarian candidate, but he’s not listed.

      • Sparky

        I know… There are others. At least give me a “none of the above” option.

  • Mike Guadagnino

    I don’t see the Libertarian candidate Murray Sabrin listed, so I didn’t vote.

    • thomas

      He’s listed

      • Mike Guadagnino

        They added him later.

  • John

    Neither one, I prefer Murray Sabrin.

    • At least they went back and added Sabrin as an option.

  • Pete Hill

    Choosing the lesser of 2 evils for generations is how we ended up with candidates like Clinton and Trump. The major parties have learned they can foist anyone off on us. And we encourage this. It’s like continuing to shop at the same 2 stores that screw us over and over again. It makes them think we like it.

  • thomas

    As a Jersey native, it is clear now that the Democrats have ruined our State. There are lesser freedoms, we’re over policed, and taxed into poverty. The Republicans offer nothing better.

    Let’s vote for a real change, vote Murray Sabrin!

  • Paul Hamlin

    The two major parties only invite division. It is time for ideas that are not beholden to campaign donations, and a party. It is time for civility, Constitutional governance and fiscal responsibility.

    It’s time for a change. I am running as an independent in NJ1 against the political machinery that has kept us from fixing some major issues.

  • Jovany Carlos Trinajstic

    There’s only one choice if we want real change. MURRAY SABRIN!

  • VladTepesDracul

    Where the hell is Goldberg??
    You did not include him!!l!!!

  • Kenneth Kaplan

    Three choices, one great candidate: Murray Sabrin!

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