InsiderNJ Pop Quiz: Newark Mayoral Contests


Which veteran political operative advised future Mayor Booker to knock on every door as part of his 2002 pursuit of a Central Ward seat?

Which of these warnings backfired on incumbent Mayor Leo P. Carlin in his 1962 tilt with Hugh Addonizio?

The Newark History Society

In 1971, Mayor Ken Gibson said...

In 1986, Sharpe James was a recognizable citywide candidate for mayor as he routinely campaigned...

After he lost his 2006 mayoral election to Booker, Ronald Rice found which pot of money threatened by the new administration?

At the height of the 1967 Newark Rebellion, Mayor Addonizio said what?

What was the common criticism of 2010 mayoral challenger Clifford Minor?

Which of these mayoral campaigns did Steve Adubato back?

Of which mayoral candidate did a high-ranking establishment source leak to the press this chilling edict: "He will not be allowed to win."?

What progressive idea did Ras Baraka float in 2014 as part of his platform?

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