INSIDERNJ Quiz: How Well Do You Know the State Legislators?

Which of these legislators served as the driver for Princeton Mayor Barbara Boggs Sigmund?

The implosion of which of these families led to the political rise of North Bergen's Nick Sacco?

Which of these South Jersey lawmakers actually grew up in Paterson?

Who is the first Latina to serve in the state Senate?

Who among these lawmakers never served as a local mayor?

Who helped lead an anti-war rally to the steps of Newark City Hall in the immediate aftermath of the 2004 presidential election?

Dick Codey's trusted caucus circle when he was senate president included...

Who on this list DID NOT cut his teeth working for a Speaker of the General Assembly?

Which of these district power jam ups actually ended up producing a primary election for a vacant senate seat?

He's the brother of a medical doctor...

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