Jack Ciattarelli Talks Leadership, Taxes and COVID-19 with Steve Adubato

Recorded on 9/23/21 as part of “Decision 2021: Who Will Lead NJ?” Steve Adubato sat down with Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli (R) in an in-depth interview to discuss the 2021 NJ Gubernatorial election and his priorities for New Jersey. Steve Adubato talks with Ciattarelli about his goals for New Jersey, the impact of the public health crisis on small businesses and nursing homes, former President Trump’s leadership and what he would have done differently than Governor Murphy during the 2020 lockdown.

Jack Ciatarelli, former NJ Assemblyman, tells Steve Adubato how he would have handled restrictions during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ciattarelli says, “The very first deaths in this country took place in Washington state, and in Washington they took place in the nursing home. From the very beginning we knew who the most vulnerable were…so that’s certainly something I would’ve done differently.”

Steve Adubato asks Jack Ciatarelli about the pandemic’s impact on small businesses in New Jersey during the lockdown. Ciatarelli explains “What infuriated a great many New Jerseyans were the inconsistencies in the executive orders during the lockdown. If you owned a jewelry store on main street Steve, he shut you down…yet the jewelry counter at Costco was open.”

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