Johnson Releases His Final TV Ad of the Primary Season

Jim Johnson

Gubernatorial candidate Jim Johnson today released his third and final TV advertisement entitled “Yours.” The thirty-second ad begins with Bernie Sanders criticizing the role of Goldman Sachs in the global financial crisis, and contrasts former Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy’s Wall Street background and multi-million dollar campaign with Johnson’s record of fighting the powerful on behalf of the people.

Watch the ad here.

“On June 6th Democratic voters in New Jersey have a choice,” said Johnson. “They can vote for someone who has jumped in line with the insiders and has used millions of his Goldman Sachs fortune to try and buy this election, or they can vote for me. Public service is at my core, and throughout my career, I have challenged the powerful on behalf of the people — and won. And as Governor, I will continue my long-standing fight for justice and opportunity to build a government that puts the needs of all New Jersey families first.”

Johnson, a former federal prosecutor, Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, and chair of the Brennan Center for Justice, was the first candidate in the primary to qualify for and receive public matching funds, and has also called for a spending cap in the New Jersey primary. The third television advertisement is already on the air.

Watch Johnson’s first ad “Discipline” here and his second ad “Fight” here.


Senator Bernie Sanders: Goldman Sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy.

Narrator: As a Goldman Sachs President, Phil Murphy made his fortune in a rigged system.

Now the Jersey Machine has lined up with Murphy and his millions.

Jim Johnson: Leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine.

As a prosecutor, at Treasury and as head of the Brennan Center, I’ve taken on the powerful, from the mafia to the NRA to the dark money that poisons our politics.

I’ll be nobody’s governor but yours.

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